Since its release two years ago, Android Auto has made big moves in the automotive industry.

With the software being rolled out to more and more car models, here are the main talking points surrounding Google’s latest venture.Android Auto

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What Is Android Auto?

Android Auto is Google’s attempt at connecting cars and smartphones. Google wants consumers to use its car’s entertainment system as they would their phone.

Drivers can deploy voice commands with the software. The voice commands can control features such as music or receiving satellite directions.

Any Android smartphone running the 5.0 Lollipop OS can take advantage of Android Auto software. However, users need a compatible car display.

Due to its hands-free nature, the system could help to cut down on a number of accidents that happen at the wheel.

Android Auto

The 2017 Subaru Impreza Is Android Auto Capable

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What’s In It For Google?

For any company, saving lives is a big deal. Additionally, by using Google’s own software in their cars, consumers are more likely to use the same software on other devices.

Furthermore, Google can access more data on people’s driving habits, for ad targeting and other monetisation.

Why Are Car Manufacturers Interested In Android Auto?

This is a good question. Google may be perceived as a direct competitor with its driverless car, Waymo.

Android Auto is mainly appealing to car manufacturers due to cost. Manufacturers have found that developing and installing their own software is costly and time-consuming. Software is often outdated by the time it is released.

Last year, Google held an I/O developer conference in Silicon Valley. This proved to be a major turning point for car manufacturers. Google showcased its latest software in a gleaming Maserati Ghibli.

Google turned on the car’s air conditioning and a retrofitted 15” touchscreen, changed its dashboard display, and rolled down the windows – all using voice commands.

This was significant for companies like Volvo and Audi, who had struggled to match Google’s software. They now had the choice of collaborating in order to save time and money.

Android Auto

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How Many Cars Are Using Android Auto?

Here’s where things get interesting. While many manufacturers have happily integrated Android Auto with their own OS, many are opposed to using it as their sole system.

Why? Manufacturers would be losing any potential revenue they could make through their own inbuilt apps. Furthermore, Google could eventually expand its operations and build its own cars.

What’s The Future Of Android Auto?

When Google first announced Android Auto, the internet was awash with rumours as to how capable the software would be.

Reports have already hinted at some upcoming features. One report stated that Google users could link their software to “enjoy the benefits of the internet, without plugging in their smartphones”.

Google Maps could then automatically navigate you to the nearest gas station if your fuel reached a certain low level.

Android Auto has big implications for the future. The advances of Google’s technology will lead to more and more features.

One thing’s for sure: it might not be long until you’ve got it in your own car.