The Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Awards is a prestigious event held annually in Nigeria to honour the stars of healthcare in the country. GE Healthcare is proud to have won the 2017 Biomedical Engineering Service Provider of the Year Award.

The award ceremony was held  in June in Victoria Island, Lagos and the event, which is the healthcare equivalent of the Oscars, was well attended by various public and private stakeholders. One of the key aims of the Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Awards is to encourage growth in the healthcare sector as well as to encourage service delivery to be in line with international standards.

The awards are the result of an initiative by the Global Health Project and Resources in collaboration with Anadach Group USA and they are supported by various stakeholders such as the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health, Nigeria Medical Association, National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives, and the Medical Laboratory Association of Nigeria.

GE Healthcare has been instrumental in accelerating development in biomedical engineering not just in Nigeria, but in other parts of Africa such as Rwanda and Ghana. In 2016, the GE Foundation refurbished and installed new equipment at the Biomedical Training Centre at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital.

In qualifying for the Biomedical Engineer Service Provider of the Year Award, GE Healthcare was nominated by one of its customers and then received votes from across the country before they were chosen as winners. GE had to have several biomedical projects in the region as well as qualified biomedical engineers and the qualifying criteria also included training, and skills development which the company provides for the biomedical engineers.

Currently, there are 16 biomedical engineers in Nigeria who cover the six geopolitical zones. These engineers are supported by more than 20 remote and regional support engineers across Africa. The highly specialised and technical field of biomedical engineering expects professionals in the field to design, evaluate, regulate, maintain and manage medical devices. These engineers are then expected to transfer the skills they learn to those who are entering the field. This is how GE supports skills development while also ensuring sustainability of the practice.

GE has a rigorous training schedule for biomedical engineers, which includes local and international training. The engineers also have access to more than 200 online training modules that cover a broad range of scopes within biomedical engineering. Project management training is also provided to engineers to ensure they are able to manage their projects and deliver world-class service.

Eyong Ebai, General Manager, GE Healthcare West and Central Africa said: “We are extremely proud of this award which recognises our innovative work in the biomedical engineering field. GE Healthcare is committed to supporting the development of world-class healthcare facilities in Africa and our work in Nigeria is  evidence of our dedication. Our healthcare team has already been doing exemplary work in the region and this award will give us added impetus to continue on our mission of providing leading healthcare solutions for all Africans.”

GE Healthcare, which has invested heavily in service capabilities, is proud to have won the 2017 Biomedical Engineering Service Provider of the Year Award that recognises its ongoing investment, and GE aims to have an even bigger impact in the Nigerian healthcare industry in future.

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