iOS 11 is out now bringing with it some cool features that are worth the nearly 2GB (1,89GB to be precise) size.

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If you’re unsure whether or not you should update you iPhone or iPad to iOS 11, we’ve broken down the 5 reasons you should consider the update.

Live Photos Really Come Alive With iOS 11

Live Photos wasn’t first introduced with iOS 11, but the new software update does improve significantly on the feature.

iOS 11

With new Live Photo options, you’re able to not only take moving pictures like you could always, but you’re able to choose different effects. The three new Live Photo effects are:

  • Loop;
  • Bounce;
  • Long Exposure.

The first two new Live Photo features are very similar to Instagram’s Boomerang which kind of turns photos into GIFs. Long Exposure, as the name suggests, gives you the option to take cool photos of for instance cars moving past at night.

You can access this new iOS 11 feature by turning on Live Photo and then swiping up on the photo you’ve taken.

Customise Your Control Centre

The Control Centre was one of the major new updates in iOS 11. But it gets even better than an improved look.

iOS 11

With iOS 11 you’re able to customise your Control Centre, giving you the ability to truly make your iPhone or iPad your own. You can customise stuff like adding different shortcuts and being able to adjust certain settings right from the Control Centre.

You’re able to access your new Control Centre by swiping up on the Home Screen.

You can customise your Control Centre by going to Settings > Control Centre > Customise Controls.

New Modes

iOS 11 brings with it a few new modes you can select your iPhone or iPad to go into.

The new modes available in iOS 11 include Do Not Disturb While Driving, Dark Mode and Emergency Mode.

Siri Gets Human With iOS 11

In a quest to bring consumers the best artificial intelligence assistant on their devices, Apple has made some sweet Siri improvements in iOS 11.

Siri sounds more human with iOS 11 giving her a better grasp of how language works. She also learns better and has better intuition when it comes to what notifications and information you need throughout the day, constantly trying to optomise her usefulness to you.

App Dock (iPad Only)

iOS 11

iOS 11 brought a feature to iPads that users have been asking for for a while now. With IOS 11 you now have a dedicated App Dock at the bottom of the screen like you would on your MacBook.

Which new iOS 11 features are your favourite? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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