Most people own a smartphone, a tablet, or both these days and they use them for a variety of reasons. Mobile gaming is one of the most common uses as both the hardware and content has dramatically improved since the early days of smart devices. People love gaming, be it on console or PC but these days more and more are opting to play games on their phones or tablets, and this has seen mobile gaming increase its share in the market.

Over recent times there has been a lot of talk about how popular mobile gaming has become. The likes of Candy Crush, Angry Birds and Pokemon GO all were and still are hugely popular mobile games that have seen users playing regularly, for large periods of time. This is due to the fact they are mobile and pick up and play games, as well as devices being able to produce crisp graphics and animations too.

It’s the rapid rise of apps that has seen mobile gaming become even more popular. Companies are focusing on the content they can offer to users who prefer to play games or do other things while on the move. Developers produce content designed for smartphones and tablets which makes them a lot easier to use for customers. This is one of the main reasons that apps have become a force to be reckoned with.

All the top companies have now gone mobile and it isn’t all gaming companies. Betting companies and online casinos, like Unibet, are perfect examples of those who have profited greatly from going mobile. Their customers not only place bets in a matter of a few presses on the screen of their smartphone, they can also enjoy their favorite online casino and slot games at Unibet on the move too. In fact, not only do the online casino and slot games look great, they also perform seamlessly, as they have been specifically designed for smartphones and tablets.

Mobile gaming will continue to go from strength to strength especially as the devices that the content is produced for keep on advancing from a technological point of view. Nowadays, smartphones and tablets have the processing power of a small computer and they also have displays capable of producing stunning graphics and animations effortlessly. The games that are designed for mobile play are also great in the fact that they are pick up and play types. Users can play the game say when they are on the bus or on their break at work, resuming play at any time.

Mobile content has the ability to be extremely addictive too, as most recently seen with Pokemon GO. Niantic’s creating of a mobile Pokemon game attracted over 50 million active users. This shows the dominance of mobile gaming on the market and how it has grown as technology has advanced. And with the capabilities of smartphones and tablets continuing to expand, it’s inevitable that the dominance of mobile gaming will only continue to strengthen as time goes on.