Online dating has made meeting your possible soulmate or flavour of the week easier than ever.


But if you really want to be a master at it, popular dating app Hinge did a month-long study to determine which online pickup lines work the best to initiate a conversation and possibly get lucky. A 100 pickup lines were shown to a selection of Hinge users to see how users would respond to help determine what people dig and what they don’t.

These are some of their findings to help you connect passed the swipe:Online Pickup Lines 1

Guys like confidence it seems and girls don’t like to eat according to the data collected from Hinge. So your best bet is to be assertive, but don’t take her for dinner, perhaps drinks.

Online Pickup Lines 2

If you’re trying to meet up with a guy you better be quick about it as your chances drop to 25% after 6 hours that he will respond. Girls seem to have longer attention spans.

The Best Online Pickup Lines Depend On Age

Online Pickup Lines 3

This comes as no surprise as people of different ages are likely to respond to different topics better. For instance, as Hinge suggests, if you want to chat up someone who is older than 35 then opening with a pop culture reference is probably your best bet.

The Worst Online Pickup Lines

Online Pickup Lines 4

If you’re looking to start a conversation with someone you fancy, Hinge suggests that starting the conversation with “Hey” is just the worst and isn’t going to get you anywhere.