All sorts of stuff gets all up in PS4 fans which causes them to really get loud and damages the inside. As much as we try to keep our gaming area clean, dust still goes inside the PS4 fan and makes a mess.

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Luckily you can open up your PS4 and clean it pretty easily, and we are going to show you how in less than a minute.

Before We Start

It is important to know that performing this method requires you to open up your PS4 and ultimately void its warranty. Only do this if it has been longer than a year since you got your PS4, as the warranty is over and breaking the seal will not matter at all.

You should not have to do this if your PS4 is still under warranty anyway as it should not have gathered too much dust in under 12 months. If it’s causing issues consider taking it back to the retailer.

PS4 Clean

What You Need

You will need a bunch of screwdrivers to open up your PS4 console. A T8 and T9 for the back of the console, and a Philips for the power supply screws.

We recommend using an earbud to clean the fan, and a vacuum to suck up all the dust from the heat sink. You can also use an air compressor to blow all the nasty dust away from the fan, heat sink and power supply.

Step 1

This is the part that will void your warranty, so once this is done, there is no going back. Again, if your PS4 is over a year old, then do not worry about it because Sony does not worry about your PS4 anymore.


Peel the stickers off the three slots shown below and unscrew the three screws using a T8 screw driver, at the lower half of the PS4. Lay it on its top side and pull the bottom cover off revealing the internals of the console.

Step 2

There are Philips screws with a metal bit on, unscrew these first, then unscrew the T9 screws around the power supply. In total there are 5 screws holding the power supply in place, as well as a wire on the right side of the console which you will need to pull out.

PS4 Clean

After you have loosened the power supply, pull it out by grabbing the screw slots. This will pull the black box out of the console, this is the power supply. Neat, right?

Step 3

Now that the power supply is out, you can go crazy and clean the fan and heat sink without any issue. Really get in there and clean out all the dust, as it contributes to the loud fan sound and damage to your console.

PS4 Clean

You might also want to clean that black box you took out of the console by blowing air into it. Be careful with this though as there are some small bits in it that can get damaged with force from an earbud.

Step 4

Now that the cleaning is all done, place the power supply back in, plug in the wire on the side, and screw all the screws back in. Slide the bottom cover back on from the front, and screw the T8 screws back.

PS4 Fan

Your PS4 fan is now clean and it should be a bit quieter while gaming. If you get stuck, check out the video below.