20 years is a very long time not only in the life of a person but also in that of a video game. In 20 years, entire franchises can rise, thrive, and disappear into oblivion – unless, of course, they are game-changers, in the true sense of the word. In a little over two decades, millions of people have started to play slot machines in Canada thanks to the launch of online gaming venues like the All Slots Casino. The All Slots and its likes brought real money games within reach for millions, just as smartphones brought gaming in general within the reach of billions of players around the world. In 20 years, though, gaming has changed, pushing amazing games in the background mostly due to their dated graphics, which is a shame. Some true cult classics have gotten their remakes – the System Shock remake is scheduled to be released in Q2/2018, thanks to its successful crowdfunding campaign, and other classics like Doom, Unreal Tournament, Half Life (Black Mesa), and more, are seen returning to our screens. There are, in turn, a few glorious retro games from the golden age of PC gaming that are not even discussed to be remade. Like the ones below.


OK, fine, Quake is returning once again in the form of Quake: Champions. Yet it’s not a remake or a reboot of the original game but rather a remake of Quake 3 Arena with eSports in mind. The original game was built by John Carmack, Michael Abrash, and John Cash, designed by American McGee, Sandy Petersen, John Romero, and Tim Willits, and visually built by Adrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud and Paul Steed.

The original Quake, released 21 years ago, had unique visuals and sounds, often a mix of medieval looks and Lovecraftian creatures. It had its distinct atmosphere – thanks in part to the soundtrack written and performed by Trent Reznor and the Nine Inch Nails – that none of its sequels managed to recreate. A remake of the original Quake, even if it doesn’t have too much of a story, is long overdue.


Unreal started out as a single-player science fiction game where the player, Prisoner 849, crashes on board the Vortex Rikers prison ship on the uncharted planet Na Pali. The planet is inhabited by four-armed humanoids known as the Nali and is exploited by an aggressive and brutal – yet quite advanced – reptilian race known as the Skaarj, who are mining the planet’s tarydium resources. Prisoner 849 has to explore the often hostile environment and the definitely hostile creatures he or she encounters, including Skaarj warriors that are surprisingly agile and aggressive in battle, until reaching the Skaarj mothership, defeating the Queen, and fleeing in an escape pod (that is found in the game’s expansion, Return to Na Pali).

Released in 1998, Unreal was one of the most beautiful and exciting retro games ever created. Now, almost two decades after its original release, no remake is in sight.

GTA Vice City

While the Grand Theft Auto series has quite a few fun and atmospheric titles, none were as memorable as Vice City, released in 2002. In it, players take on the role of Tony Vercetti, freshly out of prison, who has to take on the criminal elements of the Miami-like Vice City and fight his way to the top. The game is filled with classic cars, 80’s music, and a lot of action and fun – no wonder it became the best-selling game of 2002 (it sold 1.4 million copies within two days from its release).

An updated mobile version of the game was released in 2012, with smoothed-out graphics and improved controls. A similar release on PC and consoles, using the GTA V engine, would be more than welcome by the game’s fans.

Which retro games would you love to see being remade? Drop us a comment below and let us know.