FIFA 18 is here and if you are playing it you would know that the FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) mode is one of the best in the series this year. With the mode being so detailed, it could be hard to master. That is why we are here to help. We have put together a guide to earning more FUT 2018 coins and building the perfect squad so you can get the most out of the game’s best mode.

What Is FUT?

FIFA Ultimate Team is basically a card collecting game mode where you collect digital cards that range from training perks, players, kits, and even player scouts and managers. Cards can be obtained through opening packs, buying or selling current cards, and even in-game purchases that will see you pay real money for cards. In the end, the higher the card’s attributes, the rarer it is and the more it will sell for or cost you.

FUT 2018 CoinsThis year chemistry plays a major role in the game’s FUT system and it will go a long way if you place players in the same club, league or nation on the same team together. This will increase the overall chemistry in the team and how well the players will work together on the pitch and their overall movement and teamwork.

It is important to keep in mind that while the days pass, more cards are introduced into the game’s FUT system so there will be limited time to obtain specific cards. Some card will even increase during specific times so if you get a 95-rated card then you are lucky as that could have been lower a few days ago.

How To Earn FUT 2018 Coins

So the whole FUT system relies on various FUT 2018 coins and sometimes you will need more to buy more. So how do you earn FUT 2018 coins fast? Well, there is a trick to this. Never buy gold packs at the start of the game, instead, stick to bronze and silver packs. Why, you ask? The gold packs cost way more and the contents of them are not always that good. Instead of focusing on collecting players, which are mainly obtained in gold packs, you can get items and other cards from the lower tier packs and sell them for FUT 2018 coins.

FUT 2018 CoinsBefore you do so though, you should make sure you unlock and use all your FUT bonuses you have. These will make sure you earn more FUT 2018 coins at the end of every match for a specific amount of time. After you have racked up FUT 2018 coins using all these bonuses, then you will have enough to buy packs. Remember, bronze and silver only. We know the gold looks, great but stay away.

Place players you get in these packs straight into the market after comparing what they sell for. Those that are going to sell for lower than market value keep in your stash until they will make a profit. All other cards that include fitness like squad fitness also transfer into your stash for later.

FUT 2018 CoinsThe idea behind this is that those cards that are not showing a profit will soon sell for more and the price you paid for them will only be a fraction of the cost. This will make sure the money you spent on the bronze pack results in a profit. By purchasing bronze packs you can also rack up cards that will complete Squad Building Challenges. These require a specific set amount of cards to be collected and traded in for a reward which is often gold packs.

FUT 2018 CoinsThe player cards which you stashed away could also come in handy when the supply and demand for them soar. When this happens you can put them up for sale and you could make quite a load of FUT 2018 coins from them. Now, once you have racked up enough FUT 2018 coins you can really start investing in expensive players.

Focus on purchasing Team of the Week players whenever you can as they will almost double in price when they are not available to buy anymore. Again, this means to buy and stash until the market rate for that player shows a great increase in price. Then flog it off and make a profit.

FUT 2018 CoinsThe main idea behind this coin process is to not give into the flashy gold packs and EA’s attractive marketing. Stick to being smart and beat the system with clever purchases and even smarter sells.

FIFA 18 is out now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Switch. Are you playing? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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