Most iPhones start off to be the “fastest iPhone yet”, but as time moves on your iPhone speed might start diminishing. There are many reasons why your iPhone might be losing processing speeds, the main reason being that an older version of an iPhone’s hardware can’t handle new software updates and features. iOS updates are usually available to most versions of an iPhone, but it’s ultimately optimised for the latest iPhone models.

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iPhone Speed

Here are some tips to increase your iPhone speed:


This may seem like an obvious answer but many iPhone users go for months without turning off their phones. But it’s always a good idea to give your iPhone a reboot now and then. Rebooting might give your iPhone speed because temporary data gets cleared. There are two ways to reboot your iPhone:

  1. Hold the power button in and power it down, wait a few seconds and power up again; or
  2. Hard reboot your iPhone by pressing the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously until the screen goes blank and the Apple logo appears.

Quit Open Apps

We sometimes forget how many apps we have running in the background and this could cause your iPhone speed to slow down. Here’s how to quit your open apps:

Double tap the home button > Swipe up over the app you want to quit

iPhone Speed

Reduce Motion

With everything that’s already happening on your iPhone, you don’t really need the fancy parallax effect. To Reduce Motion:

Settings > General > Accessibility > Turn On Reduce Motion

Increase speed of your iPhone 9

Clear Out Unused Data and Features

Another reason your iPhone might be slowing down is because of the unused cache data that is created and stored on your iPhone when you are browsing websites.

Here’s how to clean your iPhone out of unused data:

Settings > Safari > Clear History and Data

Increase speed of your iPhone 7

Unused apps also take up a lot of the processing power which could be making your iPhone slow. To delete an unwanted app:

Hold down on an unused app until it starts shaking > Press the X

Increase speed of your iPhone 3

If you don’t use an app regularly, but you don’t want to delete it you can customise the way you use the app in order to speed up your iPhone. Apps have some useful features and not-so useful features, like Background App Refresh which is useless for certain apps that you only use once in a while. The feature allows apps to perform updates in the background for 30 seconds every time the app receives a push notification. This is how to disable this feature for a specific app:

Settings > General > Background App Refresh

Increase speed of your iPhone 6

Disable Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search causes your iPhone to do background indexing of files and uses data from the internet to get you the best possible search results (like Wikipedia and Suggested Websites). Obviously, this feature uses a lot of memory and storage space. If you are experiencing slow performance speeds try turning off sources you don’t want information from. Here’s how:

Settings > General > Spotlight Search > Disable Useless Sources

Increase speed of your iPhone 10

Restore To Factory Settings

If all else fails you will have to do a full restore. When you do this all the data on your iPhone will be deleted and the iPhone will be restored to the same state you first got it in (minus the hardware wear-and-tear). Seeing as your iPhone essentially gets wiped clean it is important that you back up your iPhone first. Here’s how:

iCloud Backup: Settings > iCloud > Turn on iCloud Drive

Increase speed of your iPhone 8

iTunes Backup: Plug your iPhone into your Mac > Back Up Now

Once you’ve made sure there is nothing else you can do to increase your iPhone speed and you’ve followed the steps above and backed up your iPhone, you can Restore the phone as a final resort. Here’s how:

Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings

Increase speed of your iPhone 4

Do you have any tips to improve your iPhone speed? Drop us a comment below and let us know.