Black Friday 2017 (24 November 2017) is set to be one of the biggest sales of the year, and if you’re keen on getting the good deals, you’re going to have to do some planning.

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If Black Friday 2017 is your first Back Friday or whether you’ve done it before, you’re going to want to check out our survival guide to help you make the best of this big sale event.

Your Smartphone Is Everything

Black Friday 2017 will be easier for you if you ensure you’ve got your smartphone on you and it’s charged (plus you have a charged battery pack handy) and you have data or a wifi connection.

With your smartphone, you’ll be able to search Black Friday 2017 deals beforehand and plan your day to ensure you make certain products or deals your priority. Your smartphone will also help you place orders online if you want to avoid the chaos of the physical outlets. Also, you can use your smartphone for communication:

  • Being able to phone shops and check stock or queue situation;
  • Checking social media to see where you’ll possibly come right;
  • Compare deals to ensure you’re getting the best Black Friday 2017 deals;
  • Liaising with fellow Black Friday 2017 shoppers to help each other find the best deals.

Planning Goes A Long Way

To avoid being disappointed on Black Friday 2017, be sure to plan your day meticulously. Make a wishlist of everything you want and where you’ll be trying to get it. This could help you decide which Black Friday 2017 deals to ditch and which to really commit to.

By planning ahead, you’ll also be able to know which similar Black Friday 2017 deals or products to go for if you’re unsuccessful first.

Include breaks in between your Black Friday 2017 shopping. These breaks should include bathroom and beverage breaks, to ensure you stay healthy and positive while taking advantage of the Black Friday 2017 deals.

Be Armed For Back Friday 2017

Besides your smartphone, be sure you have everything with you that you’ll need for Black Friday 2017. Certain essential items include:

  • Cash or credit cards;
  • Discount codes or coupons (if applicable);
  • TV License;
  • Water;
  • Snacks;
  • Identification;
  • Power bank;
  • Comfortable shoes;
  • Bags.

Know When To Let Go

The sad reality is that not all of your Black Friday 2017 dreams may come true. Some Back Friday 2017 deals and products might just be out of your reach and if you’re smart about it, you’ll know when to let a deal or product go and take your money elsewhere or spend it on something else.

Avoid Black Friday 2017 Altogether

Another strategy is to avoid the hype of Black Friday 2017 altogether. As the festive season is approaching, many deals will run for a little longer than a single day. But be warned: because of the massive Black Friday 2017 deals and limited stock, you might not get the deals you want. This is where your planning will come in handy and you can see which places have longer deals and more products that extend past the Black Friday 2017 hype.

What is your strategy for Black Friday 2017? Drop us a comment below and let us know which Black Friday 2017 deals and products you’re going to try to get.

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