Anyone who has ever used this app has wished for the ability to delete WhatsApp messages. Now you’re finally able to save yourself from total embarrassment, thanks to you being able to delete WhatsApp messages.

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If you delete WhatsApp messages you might get away with the recipient never having read the messages, if you’re quick enough. Once WhatsApp messages have been read by the recipient, there is, unfortunately, nothing you can do about the fact that they’ve seen and read the messages. The ability to delete WhatsApp messages remains regardless of whether the messages have been read, so you might be able to erase the proof before the person grabs a screenshot, so not all is lost when messages have been read.

To delete WhatsApp message, follow these simple steps. Note: Both the sender and recipient of the messages have to have the latest version of WhatsApp in order for you to be able to successfully delete WhatsApp messages.

  • Open the chat in which you want to delete WhatsApp message from;
  • Tap and hold down on the WhatsApp message you want to delete;

Delete WhatsApp Messages

  • Select which WhatsApp message you wish to delete;
  • Select Delete for Everyone.

Delete WhatsApp Messages

A message will appear to show that you’ve deleted the WhatsApp messages. However, if the recipient didn’t open and read the WhatsApp message you’ve deleted, then they will only see the message which notifies them that the messages have been deleted.

Delete WhatsApp Messages

The feature also obviously only works for the WhatsApp messages you’ve sent. You’re unable to use the Delete for Everyone feature for WhatsApp messages that you’ve received. You can, however, delete WhatsApp message you’ve received for yourself.

Do you think this new feature to be able to delete WhatsApp messages for all is useful and will you ever use it? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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