According to the World Health Organisation, breast cancer is the top cancer in women worldwide and is increasing particularly in developing countries where the majority of cases are diagnosed in late stages.

The Lancet Global Health journal states that an estimated 94,378 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in Sub-Saharan Africa annually. The journal also found that awareness campaigns could improve healthcare-seeking behaviour and referral in symptomatic women, and it is therefore important to ensure that women have access to information about breast cancer.

For these reasons, the GE team in Cameroon recently organised a fun walk in Yaounde as part of an initiative to raise breast cancer awareness in the community. About 50 people participated in the 8km walk, which took walkers passed the GE office in Rosa Park Avenue before they made their way to the Orchidee Sport Centre.

After the walk, participants did a series of exercises and a group of doctors from the Central Hospital in Yaounde then did a presentation on how to do appropriate screening at home and what to do if you suspect you have breast cancer.

Despite the event being about breast cancer, the men who participated found the information provided by the doctors to be very educational. GE Transportation Sub-Saharan Africa Executive Commercial Leader, Babatunde Oso, who participated in the walk, said: “At GE, we believe in taking care of our employees and doing whatever is necessary to raise awareness about life-threatening diseases such as breast cancer. The team had fun together and they learnt a great deal about this disease.”

Even though information about is being disseminated through various health organisations, multinationals such as GE and governments across Africa, raising awareness about this disease remains a priority due to the high mortality rate.

Image above: The GE Cameroon team during their fun walk to raise awareness about breast cancer. Credit: Supplied

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