The Stig is a nameless, faceless driver that appears on the popular motorhead show, Top Gear. Mostly, viewers are left in the dark as to the identity of The Stig, but that hasn’t stopped people from investigating and speculating.

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The Stig was revealed to be driving legend Micheal Shumagger (in 2009 as a joke) and Ben Collins revealed himself to be The Stig in 2010. Collins’s move to come out as The Stig has apparently cost him the job which he had been doing for years. A legal battle ensued between him and the BBC to prevent Collins from publishing an autobiography in which he reveals himself to be the driver. The BBC lost the case and Collins published his book entitled The Man In The White Suit in 2010. Before Collins, Perry McCarthy was the Black Stig for Top Gear’s first two seasons, after which Collins took the job in 2004.

Other than the confirmed Collins, numerous different drivers have been reported to share the role. These included drivers like Heikki Kovalainen, Chris Goodman, Julian Bailey,  Lewis Hamilton, Terry Grant, Russ Swift and Dan Lang.

When the show was rebooted after the drama surrounding founding host, Jeremy Clarkson, a new mystery driver stepped in. The Stig for the 2016 reboot is believed to be racing driver, Phil Keen. Keen was followed on Twitter by two of the new Top Gear hosts shortly before the reboot premiered, sparking speculation that he is the newest Stig. To put flame to the this theory’s fuel, Keen has been linked to the role of the mysterious white-clad racer before.

The show has also featured various “cousins” which fill in for the driver, usually when filming takes place at locations outside of the UK.

Whether or not any of these people have truly ever been The Stig has never been officially confirmed by the BBC. The BBC continues to try to keep the identity of The Stig a secret and we doubt that it will ever be officially confirmed that someone portrayed the role.

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