Super Mario Odyssey is one of the greatest games we have ever played. It not only takes you on one of the best adventures in the series, but it also has everything we love about Mario and friends all packed into one gorgeous game.

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With it being so great we just had to make a list of 5 reasons why we love Super Mario Odyssey so much. Hopefully, this will sway you into the direction of picking it up and if you don’t have a Switch yet, that too.

Simple Story

For those who don’t know, Super Mario Odyssey is all about Mario’s quest to stop the bad Bowser from marrying Princess Peach. Bowser has taken it upon himself to travel across the world to gather all things he would need to pull off the perfect wedding to Princess Peach.

Super Mario Odyssey

Mario needs to prevent this from happening by chasing them from kingdom to kingdom, trying his best to stop Bowser in his tracks. The best part about all of this is how simple the story is, allowing us to focus on how magnificent Super Mario Odyssey is without us worrying about keeping up with all the complicated lore and happenings. Mario has very little script too and we would not have wanted it any other way.

Every Kingdom

Talking about Mario’s trip to different kingdoms, Super Mario Odyssey has some of the most gorgeous locations ever seen in the 3D Mario series. As he tracks Bowser down, Mario visits all the places where Bowser lands to look for his wedding items. A silk gown from the Lake Kingdom, sparkling juice from the Beach Kingdom, and even a bouquet of flowers from the Wooded Kingdom.Super Mario OdysseyEvery single location is teeming with creatures to possess, secrets to find and of course a delightful soundtrack to tap your feet to as you explore each one. They are truly the star of the game and during the experience, we got so lost in them that we spent hours in each one before realizing that there we more out there to visit.


The story and the kingdoms would not be anything if it was not for Cappy, Mario’s new ghost friend in Super Mario Odyssey who has the ability to possess anything he touches. He imbues himself into Mario’s hat and by Mario tossing it onto enemies he somehow takes over them and they become a playable character. Super Mario OdysseyCappy does more than that though as he is Mario’s combat partner too. Mario can toss him to hit non-possessive enemies, and even fling him around his body for a wide area attack. Cappy is also helpful when getting around as Cappy can be used for a long jump by holding his throw in the air and Mario can jump on him to use him as a trampoline. Cappy’s support and uses are endless and he is awesome to see in the game and very helpful too.

Side Games

Princess Peach can wait, right? I mean why rush when you have the awesome kingdoms to explore and all the activities across them all too. Super Mario Odyssey is filled with various activities to challenge yourself that act as nice breaks from the game every now and then. Super Mario OdysseyAlmost every kingdom has a race that you can participate in that lets you run alongside Koopas to the finish line for first place. That, however, is just one of them. There is a skipping game, remote control car race, basketball, and even a race mode where you take control of a giant round bear-like creature and hop around to the end of the race. It was these small mini-games that kept us very busy throughout Super Mario Odyssey and we were always on the run to try to beat the leaderboards.

Classic Sequences

Last but not least we have the classic moments in Super Mario Odyssey that are truly the definition of great video game design. These 16-bit segments are scattered throughout the game and as you go through a pixellated pipe you will then be transformed into a classic version of Mario like back in the NES days.Super Mario OdysseyThese sections also cause the music to take on a more retro feel as well as the enemies too. Yes, they are flat areas so each of them plays just as if you were playing the old-school Mario games on your Switch. Jumping and hitting blocks are also the same, and mechanics feel classic. We could not wait to find every one of them in every world and experience them for ourselves.

So there you have it, 5 things we simply love about Super Mario Odyssey. The masterpiece is out now only on Nintendo Switch.

Are you playing Super Mario Odyssey? What have been your favourite parts? Drop us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

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