Video game worlds are beautifully put together for us to fall in love with. These 5 video game worlds are some of our favourites:

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Rapture – Bioshock/Bioshock 2

Although the people of Rapture, or should we say Splicers of Rapture, are a little crazy, its city is one of our favourite video game worlds. Firstly, the city has been built at the bottom of the ocean, which is as cool as they get in terms video game worlds. As you walk through tunnels, you look up and see whales gracefully swimming past you, and jellyfish floating on by. This is one of those video game worlds that lives and breathes on its own unique art style, which is true to the 1960’s setting.

Video Game Worlds

Secondly, the city has been built on a free society, where a man is entitled to the sweat of his brow, and perfection is easily obtained through Adam. People do not fear life. This is one of the video game worlds where fantasy truly comes to life and you can live out your wildest dreams. Anything the people in the game want, a sex change, more muscles, a perfect face, you name it, is all possible with the power of Adam. No tax, no crime, just mankind living in peace thanks to the elimination of temptation.

Tamriel – The Elder Scrolls

Did you know that the lands of Elder Scrolls are set in a much bigger world known as Tamriel? Tamriel is probably the second biggest of the video game worlds, next to World of Warcraft, and has multiple regions to explore, with its own races, and languages. Think of Tamriel as a great Euro trip, but going from the snowy mountains of Skyrim, to the dense forests of Grahtwood.

Video Game Worlds

Tamriel is a massive world, filled with its own creatures, plants, cities, and much more. Playing the Elder Scrolls Online, just gets you lost in everything it has to offer, and it is so true to a living a breathing world, that you could imagine being there in real life. Tamriel is definitely on our list of video game worlds we wish were real.

Ni No Kuni

If you have ever watched a Studio Ghibli film, then you will know what we are going on about here. Ni No Kuni, is set in the magical world Ichi No Kuni, a world of magic, colour, and friendship. As you explore the vast video game worlds of Ichi No Kuni, you will come across all types of people and creatures. Ding Dong Dell, a city run by a fat cat, who is both adorable, and feisty. The spooky hills in the Middle Continent, where the dead rise to gamble their dead lives away, and the land of Autumnia, where it is always Autumn.

Ni No Kuni

Ni No Kuni really brought a world we would love to live in, to life, thanks to its diverse locations, filled with people who we believed belonged there. Each city and location was filled with detail, so much so that you could picture life in it like never before. This is one of the video games that we would go inhabit in a heart beat.

Kingdom Hearts

This game contains various different video game worlds, so think of it more as a universe. Kingdom Hearts is the first game to ever include the video game worlds of Final Fantasy, and Disney, all in one heart-warming story. The universe has hundreds of video game worlds to visit that span across all the Disney stories. Pop over to Pride Rock to say hi to Simba, and head to the Disney Castle to have tea with Queen Minnie.


All of the video game worlds you visit in the game, is brought to life like never before, and pays tribute to the Disney stories in a way never seen before. As you explore the video game worlds, you will see familiar faces like Donald Duck, King Mickey, as well as Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, and other supporting Final Fantasy characters. It is a combination of the most magical video game worlds, with the most breathtaking ones in film.

The Mushroom Kingdom

What started out as pretty simple looking, is now one of the most iconic video game worlds. The Mushroom Kingdom, like we all know, is the home of Mario and his pals. There are hundreds of video game worlds, filled with locations to visit across the dozens of games in the series, each with their own unique design. Take to the galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy, and explore the planets, or head to the ground and try save Princess Peach, again.

Video Game Worlds

Which video game worlds would you live in if it was possible? Let us know below.

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