As huge Call of Duty fans, we have been looking forward to the latest installment for a while now. Last year’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare left us questioning where the series was heading after it’s futuristic, almost sci-fi action adventure. We were about to give up on the franchise until Call of Duty: WWII came to save it.

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Call of Duty: WWII successfully sits beside some of the other greatest shooters in the series like World at War, Black Ops III, and even Modern Warfare. This is mainly due to its killer gameplay, watered-down multiplayer, and of course its unforgettable single-player campaign that delivers an experience as if you were watching an award-winning war film directed by Steven Speilberg.

Not Trying To Be Something It’s Not

Call of Duty: WWII is not trying to be something it is not. It felt like Infinite Warfare was trying too hard to be so unique that it was unable to deliver a compelling story without you feeling lost in all its new content it was delivering.

Call of Duty: WWII

While WWII will never manage to beat the likes of Black Ops III and World at War, we have to take into consideration where gaming is today and how far it has come. We now live in a world where publishers make more money off loot-boxes than actual game sales, compared to when World at War was released in 2008. The focus on gameplay was key to the success of a title and while WWII does not lack any of that, it is still a game built for modern gamers that binge single player campaigns, spend some money on a few loot boxes, and would rather try to win a match of PUBG than anything else.

Call of Duty: WWII

It feels like Call of Duty: WWII has taken that into account and its bite-sized story chapters are perfect for the binge gamer, its zombie mode offers a simpler experience, and its multiplayer has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to fall in line with the experiences we had back in the day.

Adapting To Its Competition

With the FPS genre being so competitive it’s hard to find your place in the world and Call of Duty: WWII knows what it is without trying to live up to its competition. Take its multiplayer for example, while Battlefield is on the market and a very good game, its massive open-scale warfare is what it’s known for. Call of Duty is known for its streamlined multiplayer that relies on the weapons you have equipped and perks you have in your loadout.

Call of Duty: WWII

With that in mind, you head into a map that is fairly small that caters for all sorts of gamers no matter what weapon style they play with. Snipers, shotguns, SMGs, and assault rifles are all taken into account when building these maps and thanks to the lack of jetpacks and double jumps, everyone is on an equal playing field and that is all everyone wants from a Call of Duty game.

It is not trying to copy Battlefield in any way and it does not need to as we know what we are playing when we launch Call of Duty, and that is the magic we get when we play it. It’s all about skill and the synergy between you and your weapon.

History of Call of Duty

The failure of Infinite Warfare was a necessary evil that was the best and worst thing that happened to the series. The Call of Duty franchise has had its ups and downs and every few years one comes along that leaves us wondering what happened. Call of Duty: Ghosts, released back in 2013 had a similar effect on the series. It was just unable to live up to Black Ops II in 2012. We then had Advanced Warfare that released in 2014. It was also marked as an improvement over Ghosts, but it was just not there yet in terms of gameplay.

Call of Duty: WWII

Fast Forward a year and you Black Ops III that stood as a pinnacle in the series. It’s massive game mode package that included a top-down shooter, zombie survival, zombie campaign, and of course the fastest multiplayer mode in the series. It was no wonder the reception of Infinite Warfare was negative. After the success of Black Ops III, there were some big shoes to fill, of which Infinite Warfare was unable to do.

Back to Basics

This is why Call of Duty: WWII is such a great game. It has stripped away the complications that brought down the failed games in the series. It has gone back to the classic days of Call of Duty 3 where gameplay was realistic and relied on the skill of the player over the tech in the game. There is no need to adjust to the exosuit you are wearing and what power it has equipped. This simplicity has a ripple effect on the game’s features and modes and even its new multiplayer game mode, War, is simple to the extent where it does not push the requirements too far. It is simplified mechanics that make use of everything you have equipped without the need to adapt to anything new.

Call of Duty: WWII

If anything, the Call of Duty series shines its brightest when it takes a step back and delivers a simpler formula that is nostalgic, while at the same time refreshing. Call of Duty: WWII has perfected this formula. From its single-player mode, to its challenging zombie survival mode, the latest game has been built on what has made the series so great in the past, while adjusting the core to fit the modern gamer.

We’re loving the latest Call of Duty game and while we doubt any Call of Duty will ever beat Black Ops III, Call of Duty: WWII comes pretty darn close to doing so.

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