This week saw the release of the first Destiny 2 expansion; Curse of Osiris, bringing with it a host of new content from story to the long awaited Heroic Strike playlist. Today though we take a look at 6 major changes under the hood of Destiny 2 that will improve your gameplay experience dramatically.

Destiny 2 engram loot drop update

1. Increased level caps

There was a general perception that the original level cap Bungie launched with was too low, so fans will be happy to see a significant bump here. Your standard level cap grows from 20 to 25 making XP useful again at least for a few days until you reach level 25. Following that they have bumped up the Light level of armour and weapons from 300 (305 with legendary mods) to 330 (335 with legendary mods), giving you a nice new gear goal to work towards.

2. Revised loot drops

Bungie has tweaked the methodology behind loot drops in Destiny 2 across the board with activities like Strikes and Public Events now dropping better loot (more Legendary items). Public Events do see a slight penalty to XP and Glimmer drops but we feel this is a fair trade off for more of that purple loot.

3. Grenades are powered up

Grenades have been given a major boost to their damage stats across the board with increased damage on all of these nades; Flashbang Grenade, Magnetic Grenade, Suppressor Grenade, Incendiary Grenade, Fusion Grenade, Skip Grenade, Flux Grenade, Arcbolt Grenade, Swarm Grenade, Tripmine Grenade, Storm Grenade, Firebolt Grenade, Axion Bolt, and Scatter Grenade.

4. Exotic weapon & armour balancing

A range of changes have been made to Exotic weapons and armour (make sure to check the full patch notes to see the detail). Essentially some of the gear you may have discarded might be worth picking up and dusting off. We were particularly happy with the improvements to Karnstein Armlets and Lucky Pants.

5. Bug fixes & UI tweaks

A big list of bug fixes and User Interface tweaks have gone live which will go largely unnoticed unless you had a specific error that was bugging you. I was getting a few random game crashes (on PC) that seem to have now been resolved with this update. This includes changes to 4k resolution on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X as well as some improvements for SLI wielding PC players – make sure to check out the details around this.

6. Destiny Companion update

The updates aren’t just for the base game, there have been some nice tweaks to the Destiny 2 mobile companion app on iOS and Android including the ability to view historical game data and the ability to retrieve items from the Postmaster and Gear sections!

Overall it looks like Bungie is committed to improving Destiny 2 and they are delivering this with all of these updates going live this week – full patch notes here. There are even more changes coming next week in another big patch so keep an eye out for that one. Good luck Guardian!