From scary stories told by the fire, to cinematic masterpieces relying on our deepest, darkest fears and phobias, humanity has always found a way to be scared. Some of today’s most revered authors are horror authors – think Stephen King, for example – and horror movies and TV shows keep popping up all over the place. And many of them are pretty successful – take a look at Stranger Things or The Walking Dead, not to mention Supernatural, which returned to the TV screens this October for an ominous 13th season. The first horror movie was shot by Georges Méliès in the late 1890s – since then, thousands of filmmakers have followed his lead. Below, you’ll find some of the most influential – and longest-running – horror movie franchises of all time.


We’ll start with John Carpenter’s classic slasher. Deranged serial killer Michael Myers made his big screen debut on October 28th, 1978. It was a low-budget movie even for those times – it was made on a budget of $300,000 – and became one of the most successful ones of the year, with a US box office revenue of $47 million. As you might expect, this was just the start: it was followed by seven sequels, and a reboot with two Rob Zombie directed movies – plus books, comic books, and video games.

To honor the legacy of this legendary killer, The All Jackpots will released a game inspired by the original movie this October. Added to a library of new online casino games available at, the game will reach back four decades to feature characters from the original movie. For its 40th anniversary, another direct sequel to the original will be released, starring Jamie Lee Curtis.


Clive Barker is known to have a special relationship with pleasure, pain, and the supernatural. His directorial debut was 1987’s Hellraiser, a horror movie involving being torn to pieces, resurrection, demons – the Cenobites – summoned by a puzzle box called the Lament Configuration that holds the key to a parallel plane of existence – the stuff horror movie franchises are made of. Originally, the film received an X rating from the MPAA, so Barker had to cut quite a few scenes from it to obtain an R.

While Hellraiser didn’t break any records at the box office, it was intriguing and exciting enough to spawn nine sequels, including this year’s “Hellraiser: Judgement” – which is still not the remake we’ve all been waiting for. If and when it is released, it will be a movie with a script written by Clive Barker himself, using practical effects rather than CGI, and bring original Pinhead actor Doug Bradley back to the series.

Children of the Corn

Speaking of Stephen King – several of his horror movie franchises were based on his short stories and novellas. One of them, called “Children of the Corn”, has spawned one of the longest-running horror movie franchises of all time. The story involves children, religious indoctrination, and a massive supernatural element in the form of “He Who Walks Behind the Rows”, either a corn god (possibly the Aztec god Centeotl) that demands human sacrifice. The original movie featured a pre-Terminator Linda Hamilton.

The entire series consists of 10 feature films, including this year’s direct-to-video “Children of the Corn: Runaway” set to be released “soon”, a sequel to the 2009 remake of the original.