We have reviewed the iPhone X and loved it. After having spent nearly a month with the iPhone X, there are here are a few things we wish it did differently and some things we wish we could change. Some of them are just the way the iPhone X works as these changes would simply be “quality of life” improvements. Some of these are also software features as it almost feels as if iOS 11 has not been fully optimized for the device yet. Regardless, these are 7 things we wish we could change about the iPhone X to make it an even better phone that it is already.

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More iPhone X Supported Apps

iPhone X

One of the biggest issues we have is the lack of iPhone X supported apps in the App Store. Some of the most used apps still have ugly black bars at the top of them. While developers are probably doing other things like working on new features, we cannot help but hope that Apple makes the iPhone X deal with these ugly black bars differently. There has to be a setting to perhaps fill in the black space with the colour on the screen or something. We wish the iPhone X dealt with unsupported apps in a better way.

Change Locataion Of Access To Control Panel

iPhone X

Now that the home button is gone and the entire phone relies on gestures accessed from the bottom of the screen, the Control Panel – previously accessed from the bottom of the screen – is now accessed from the top. The problem here is that you cannot change what side of the screen you need to pull down from in order to access it, so if you are left-handed then you are going to have to stretch your hand to reach it. If only the iPhone X handled this differently and let us change where we could access the control panel from.

Remove The Home Gesture Bar

iPhone X

While we are all for the new gesture bar, we wish we could remove the bar from the iPhone X if we wanted to. The problem is that every single app now has this bar on it whether or not it is on the game or app itself or at the bottom of the screen over a border. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, for example, has this white bar across the screen and it breaks the immersion of the gorgeous OLED display. The iPhone X should let us change whether we want to display the home bar or not.

Give Us A Dark Mode

iPhone X

With the OLED being so great on the iPhone X, giving it the ability to turn off the pixels that are not being used, comes the opportunity to bring out a Dark Mode. This would allow all the whites on iOS to be black which would allow the OLED to turn off all those black parts of the screen saving so much battery life. Dark Modes are a thing now with YouTube and Twitter both using them so why not let us turn our iPhone X experience darker so it saves battery life? Not to mention that the Dark Mode would go hand-in-hand with the Apple Watch’s overall UI experience and the edges of the iPhone X would disappear even more now making the screen feel like it has no end.

Give Us More Freedom On The Home Screen

iPhone X

We are sure you know by now how much we love the iPhone X’s screen so we want it to be viewable at all times and the Home Screen is an issue right now. The icons are all over the place, blocking the awesome wallpapers. An Android-like app drawer would be awesome that will keep all the apps in a separate menu freeing up the home screen for more pretty wallpapers. Although you can place apps into folders on the iPhone X, it would make for a more visually pleasing experience if they weren’t there all the time.

Add Another Face ID

iPhone X

Face ID is more than just a face unlock feature. Your entire online security is now protected by it, making it a giant leap above Android’s face unlock features. The only problem is that you cannot add more than one face to the iPhone X. Unlike the fingerprint scanner that allowed for multiple prints (maybe a friend who you trust or a family member who might need to access your iPhone in an emergency), Face ID is limited to one person. Sure, it is more secure but it would be nice to be able to add someone else to the iPhone X’s system just in case.

Give Us More Animoji Support

iPhone X

Animojis are the new Emojis and you would not believe how awesome they are until you try them out. It literally picks up every muscle in your face and you can animate a cute little animal and send clips of you doing it to friends. The only problem is that it is limited to iMessage. It would be really cool if we could do the same thing on WhatsApp and send similar videos to contacts without iPhones. While the ability to use the facial animations is restricted to iPhone X, that does not mean we should limit the sharing of these cool clips to only iMessage users.

Do you own an iPhone X? What would you want to be different? Let us know in the comments below.

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