Slot game designers are always looking at new and exciting ways of thrilling customers and making sure the gaming experience they’re given is second to none. In a world where the basic old-fashioned 3-reel slot machine just doesn’t cut it anymore, intriguing designs and themes are definitely the way forward – as fans of a particular TV show or band are far more likely to give the slot machine a go if they recognise the subject matter.

Spartacus slot game

This is one of the main reasons why they spend a considerable amount of time choosing a theme. The Spartacus slot game is no different, and it’s an impressive and dazzling virtual slot with plenty of twists and turns. See for yourself by playing it over at online slots sites such as Wink slots, where you’ll find hundreds of other great virtual slot machines with plenty of themes for fans of every genre.

The Spartacus slot game is based on the legendary tale of Spartacus, the slave who took on an empire and was immortalised in the book, TV series and Stanley Kubrick movie starring Kirk Douglas. Set in the ancient Roman Empire, just like the movie, the Spartacus slot’s design and layout feels just like the Coliseum, with gladiators ready to do battle.

‘Reel’ Improvements

The first thing you’ll notice when playing the Spartacus slot machine is the dual reels. Unlike other slots, Spartacus has two levels, with the main reel and Colossal sets offering different payouts, bonuses and jackpots. After starting on the main reel, players need to stack up Spartacus wilds to be able to transfer on the Colossal reel, which still has 5 reels but an impressive 20 rows. This means there can be up to 100 paylines in play at any one time, making things much more interesting in terms of big wins and free spins.

You can of course choose how many lines you want to have in play at any one time, as well as the value of the coins you wager with, but bear in mind that your returns won’t be as big or as regular if you have more paylines open. The other thing about having 2 reels in play is that you’ll need to keep an eye on both at the same time to keep an eye out for where your wins are coming from – making the game more challenging and exciting.

You also need to aim for the stacked symbols, too. As well as unlocking the Colossal reel, you can stack up scatter symbols to unlock free spins as well as huge win multipliers. This means the coins can really start piling up after a few lucky spins. If you get five scatters stacked up you’ll get 20 free spins and 20 times your total bet, for four scatters you’ll get 12 free spins and 5 times your total bet, and for three stacked scatters you’ll get 8 free spins and your total bet doubled.

If this feature is unlocked and part of a stacked wild lands on the main reel, then the rest of stack gets nudged into place and transferred to the Colossal reel to make further combos. As well as the wilds and scatters, there’s also the standard card icons. However, your eyes might naturally want to follow the gladiator, lion, shield, and bronze helmet – they’re the special symbols that mean more wins and free spins.

Spartacus Slot Game

Big Wins

Spartacus might not have a jackpot, but the wins are still huge, and there are regular payouts thanks to the generous number of paylines and ways to win. The highest winner so far this year bagged over £55,000 – a huge sum of money on a slot game that doesn’t need to use a progressive jackpot to keep the wins big.

If you enjoy other Colossal reels game like the Kiss slot machine, then you’ll be right at home with the Spartacus slot. The action is way more hectic than a standard 3 or 5-reel slot and you’ll also get the winning feeling more often. The game is ideal for any budget too, with minimum bets from £0.10 a spin all the way up to £250 for the high rollers. You can even play for free too if you want to give the game a try before bringing any cash to the table.

Our favourite features, however, are definitely the win multipliers and free spins. It’s quite easy to get straight on the Colossal reel after a short amount of time and if you manage the 20x multiplier, you can soon be in profit. This also means games last much longer than they do on some 5-reel games and with a return-to-player percentage of 95.94%, you can have a decent run at building profit before it’s time to call it a day.

The best bit about playing Spartacus is definitely the theme. If you’re a fan of I, Spartacus, Gladiator or the Rome TV series then this will be right up your street, with plenty of great artwork and a feel that matches the silver screen really well.

Just make sure you have a solid strategy in place before getting stuck into the Spartacus slot and remember to keep an eye on both reel as you play, as this take some getting used to. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you might struggle to go back to traditional 5-reel machines.

Spartacus Slot Game Review
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