If you’re a Star Wars fan, then you’re probably pretty stoked about watching The Last Jedi which is out soon. But maybe you’re craving a little more, and want to truly embrace your love for the franchise with Star Wars sex toys.

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These Star Wars sex toys will let you experience the Force in a whole new, and exciting way. You’ve never seen your favourite space franchise like this before. The line of Star Wars sex toys were developed and released by the Australian company, Geeky Sex Toys.

There are various Star Wars sex toys in this line from Geeky Sex Toys to choose from to make sure you get your galactic orgasm on. The Star Wars sex toys also are pretty inclusive, with more serious options like a six-piece Dark Side bondage set, including a red Lightsaber-inspired sex whip. This Lightsaber-inspired sex whip can also be purchased separately.

Star Wars Sex Toys

Then there are more subtle options like Lightsaber dildos that light up blue, green and red for the Dark Side.

Star Wars Sex Toys

There are also droid-inspired Star Wars sex toys, like the Stormtrooper and Darth Vader vibrators. There is a C3-PO plug for your pleasure as well.

Star Wars Sex Toys

This line of Star Wars sex toys is very creative and the products look like they are of relatively good quality. However we’ve never personally used or seen them in real life, so we can’t say with certainty.

Star Wars Sex Toys

You can view the full Star Wars sex toys line called Star Toys HERE. Items range from $30 to $169.

Other sex toys from Geeky Sex Toys include Orgasms of the Galaxy (inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy) and Pokemoan (self-explanatory).

Are you into these Star Wars sex toys? Drop us a comment below and let us know whether you’d let these sex toys take you to a Galaxy far, far away.

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