Bright is the newest buzzed up blockbuster released by Netflix. The sci-fi cop drama starring legendary Will Smith was directed by David Ayer and hopes to become a franchise that can be streamed for years to come.

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Director David Ayer
Cast Will Smith, Joel Edgerton
Rating PG
Genre Sci-Fi Drama
Running Time 1 Hour 57 Mins.

Bright is an ambitious movie to pull off in its just short of two hours running time. There is a huge story to tell about an exciting new world, and at times the story felt a bit thin due to the limited running time of Bright.

Bright proves that Netflix can pull off its own blockbusters. With its $90 million price tag and acclaimed director (who most recently did Suicide Squad) and well-known actors like Will Smith who portrays the lead role of police officer Daryl Ward, Bright has a lot franchise potential and is sure to be streamed a few million times.


Bright follows the story of a tough cop, Daryl Ward (portrayed by Will Smith) who is reluctantly partnered with an orc named Jakoby (portrayed by Joel Edgerton). Bright is set in an alternative future where orcs are societal outcasts and clash with the law enforcement all the time. Elves are seen as the elite and humans are a kind of in between. The story features an array of relevant themes like racism, clashes with the police, elitism, privilege, poverty, racial and gender profiling, corruption, the list goes on. The themes do get a little lost and feel rushed and forced at times – again, there is a lot to pull off in one movie, making it obvious that the movie serves to set up a world and story for many sequels and spinoffs.

The performance from Will Smith is as awesome as you may expect from him in another sci-fi cop role. The performances are all pretty solid and the actions and reactions of the characters feel particularly real. The characters also look very real and you truly believe that these different races could exist in an alternate world. The orcs look tough and huge, and the elves glow with their beauty and privilege.

The special effects deserve a special mention. The fight scenes were thrilling and the alternate world created by Bright feels very real and is pulled off beautifully. The world is sure to expand in different ways as the Bright franchise receives sequels and spinoffs. Not only does Bright look great, it sounds great too with a killer soundtrack featuring big stars like Bastille, Machine Gun Kelly, Migos and many more.


Netflix did a great job at showing audiences that they can still have a blockbuster experience without a big cinematic setup. Bright looks and sounds exactly like a big blockbuster. What makes it even better than a big cinematic release, is that if you’re an instant fan you’re able to stream it a good few times and geek out hard on a new world created by Bright.

Although it might be a bit ambitious with its huge storyline and world, Bright does manage to transport you into an interesting new world filled with characters you want to know more off.

With Will Smith already confirmed for a sequel, we’re excited to get some more of the Bright story, world and characters. Netflix is great at expanding a franchise and Bright has a very bright future, based on the first movie of this franchise that has the possibility to go many different ways.

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