The industry has come a long way, but not everything was always smooth sailing when you look back at gaming history.

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We’ve rounded up some of the worst moments in gaming history that has shaped the massive, multi-billion industry it is today.

PlayStation Hack of 2011

2011 was a very significant year in gaming history, especially for Sony. The PlayStation 3 was at its prime, and Sony had one of the best online networks you could find for a console, or so we thought. There was no sign of it, the hack came out of nowhere. On 17 April user started to experience connectivity issues with the PSN.

Gaming History

As the days went by it was revealed that the PSN was attacked by a group of hackers known as Lizard Squad. They performed a DDOS attack on the network, and stole over 77 million user’s details during the attack. It cost Sony and the developers millions, marking it as one of the worst moments in gaming history.

Xbox 360 Ring Of Death

The Red Ring of Death appeared on your Xbox 360 console if the there was a hardware fault internally. While it started as a few users reporting issues, it ended with reports on a global scale. The failure rate of the Xbox 360 reached 45% before Microsoft finally admitted that there was an issue at hand.

Xbox 360 RROD

It seemed that the Xbox 360 was rushed to completion to compete with the PS3 at the time, and led to this unfortunate hardware issue. A RROD-affected console just failed to function at all, and did not even boot. It cost Microsoft $1 billion in the end after it had to launch a special courier service to collect these consoles in what they called Xbox coffins, marking it as one of the worst and most expensive moments in gaming history.

Nintendo’s Release Schedules

Looking back at gaming history, Nintendo has had a terrible launch lineup when it comes to its consoles. The Wii U had under ten games released for the platform during the release month, most of these old ports, while the 3DS also failed to draw customers in. Sure all Nintendo’s console have taken time to gain momentum after launch, but this should not be the case.

Gaming History

The Great Video Game Crash Of 1983

There was actually a time in gaming history where the entire industry fell to its knees, and collapsed completely. It was a dark time indeed. In 1983 a wave of low-quality games for a selection of consoles were in development at the same time. It was an age that everyone wanted to take advantage of by making games, and consoles to make as much money as possible. One particular game, E.T. was meant to be the game of the year, or so Atari said. But the game was overhyped. The company produced so many copies of the game, that it outweighed the amount of consoles in the world. Gaming History

Atari had no other option but to collect the games and fill a landfill with them in Mexico. After which no one wanted a repeat of the event, so they refused to sell games at all, and video games almost ceased to exist in the US. It was not until the NES came along that new hope was formed in gaming, and the greed and haste to make money was forgiven.

Which are some of the bad moments in gaming history that still haunt you? Drop us a comment below and let us know.