The LGBT community seldom get a chance in the spotlight, especially in games. That is why we decided to put together a list of the most iconic LGBT video game characters.

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Lena “Tracer” Oxton – Overwatch

LGBT video game charactersOverwatch has a wide range of characters and while we don’t know the sexual orientation of all of them we at least know that the LGBT community is being represented thanks to Tracer’s awesome presence in the game. She is not only a great hero to play but she is also the face of the game. Russia might hate it due to the fact that they banned sales of the game soon after she came out, but we love that LGBT video game characters are being represented.

Krem – Dragon Age Inquisition

LGBT video game charactersBioware has always been on the forefront of delivering a star cast with different people and Dragon Age: Inquisition was no different. While you could basically hook up with anyone be they gay or straight, the game determined this for you. There was one character who stood out among the rest. Cremisius “Krem” Alcassi is a trans man who pops up every now and then in the story. He is not a companion but he does have quite a story to tell if you keep returning to him to hear about his transformation to the person he is in the game.

Bill – The Last of Us

LGBT video game charactersWhile Bill does not have a huge role in the game, his quick appearance in The Last of Us lasts forever in our hearts. Bill is met in the game as you pass through a neighbourhood. He is suffering from PTSD after losing his partner which leads him to be a bit paranoid. He gives us a heartfelt backstory to the death of his partner and we all shed a tear after hearing it. Him being a gay man is not fully revealed until later when Ellie appears to have stolen a “magazine” from his house and starts to grill Joel about the picture she sees and asks why are the pages stuck together. Her one line “I want to see what the fuss is about” leads us to one of our next LGBT video game characters on our list.

Ellie – The Last of Us

LGBT video game charactersYes, Ellie is also lesbian. We got a few hints in the main game especially after being so interested in Bill’s sex magazines. The truth only came out when the DLC, Left Behind, was released that saw Ellie fall in love with her friend, Riley. They share a beautiful moment in the game. The Last of Us is pushing character variation guys!

Dr. Liara T’Soni – Mass Effect

LGBT video game charactersThe original Mass Effect Trilogy was much better than the Andromeda and we all know that. The planets, the mechanics and mostly the characters were on a different level. One particular character, Dr. Liara T’Soni appeared in all three games and was a member of the Asari, an all-female race. This meant that they are capable of reproducing with all species and if you happen to play as a female in the last game then you would be her female partner. The game was quite open about relationships and who loves who. Another thing we love about Bioware.

Vamp – Metal Gear

LGBT video game charactersVamp is the only bisexual person on this list of LGBT video game characters. Coming right of out Romania, Vamp is a bad guy in the Metal Gear series and he is pretty thirsty for blood, being a vampire and all. He often gets too close to all the characters in the game and hates wearing a t-shirt. If he could make love to everyone you meet he totally would.

Poison – Street Fighter

LGBT video game charactersReleased in 1989, Street Fighter was very progressive for containing LGBT video game characters in such an early time especially when the world was not as open-minded as it is today. The thing is, Poison was actually a female first, but Americans were not happy about punching ladies. So, the Japanese game company Capcom turned her into a guy dressed as a lady, a transwoman if you are being technical. Poison then became a hero for all trans woman of the day while some of them felt offended about the representation they are being given. You can never please everyone.

Anthony “Gay Tony” Prince – GTA IV

LGBT video game charactersThe Grand Theft Auto series has always been open about the subject and it has always included LGBT video game characters, even if they are portrayed in a stereotypical manner. Gay Tony was an expansion pack released for GTA IV that revolved around a nightclub owner who happened to be gay. Anthony Price was his name and he made a deal with the wrong drug lords. While you don’t actually play as him, rather his bodyguard, it was fun to be around him and bask in his fabulousness.

Athena – Borderlands

LGBT video game charactersWhile Athena is not officially out of the closet in Borderlands: The Pre-sequel there are hints throughout the game in dialogue she has that clearly points to her playing for a different team. She often flirts with other female characters and sometimes makes it quite clear that she would like to have some “personal” time with them. One particular character she flirts with is Janey Springs, a junk dealer who immediately has chemistry with Athena.

Which are some of your favourite LGBT video game characters? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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