Monster Hunter World is the latest in the wildly popular Monster Hunter series developed by Capcom and coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC this week. We included it in our 2018 Games We Can’t Wait To Play article because we are so excited.

Monster Hunter was successful primarily in Japan and other Asian countries and failed to make the jump across to major success in the Western parts of the globe, mostly due to the steep difficulty curve. The release of Monster Hunter World looks to change that, bringing a fantasy action RPG with more Western appeal. This makes it the perfect time to start your journey into this world. While we are busy doing a full review of the game, here are some things you should know if you are wanting to pick up this new game upon launch:

It’s co-operative

While you can play the game all by yourself without any issue, Monster Hunter World has a strong co-op flavour with the ability to create hunting parties (up to 4 players) to go bring down beasties with your besties. If you want the best experience you’ll want to rope in some mates for this one.

Time-limited Events

Due to the current generation being always connected, Capcom has planned specific time-limited world events for players to take part in. These live events will go a long way to keeping things fresh.

You aren’t alone

If you embark on a solo mission that’s more difficult than expected, you can use an SOS Flare to call for help. Then, friends (or anyone online) can join and help you overcome whatever monstrosity is causing you trouble.

No pesky loading screens

The massive open world will not have loading screens (a major pain from previous installments). Expect to be spending more time hunting and exploring and less time waiting.

Free DLC

Yes, we said free. There is a range of awesome DLC planned for Monster Hunter World which greatly extends your game time without you having to spend a cent. A great example of this is the Horizon Zero Dawn crossover for PS4 players bringing Aloy’s armour and bow across into Monster Hunter World.

Are you excited to try the new Monster Hunter World game? Let us know what attracts you to this title in the comments below.