A trailer (below) has just been released for the upcoming Two Point Hospital game, the spiritual successor to the amazing Theme Hospital sim management game.

Fans of the original Theme Hospital (I’m sure that is most of you) will be delighted by this news, let me explain why. There are three elements to this new game that get me excited;

1. The Two Point Development Team

The team are led by Gary Carr and Mark Webley who are ex Bullfrog and Lionhead team members (part of the original Theme Hospital team), as well as a number of other team members who worked on the original game.

2. The Game Itself

Watch the trailer and you will be overcome with nostalgia for Theme Hospital, despite the new content, visuals and humour. However, don’t expect this to be a straight remake, as Gary said in a recent interview;

“None of us want to reskin and make the same games we’ve made before. We have to move on, evolve it and make it more interesting, otherwise it’s not really worth doing. We might as well just farm it out to someone else. This is not going to feel like something we’ve played before, I don’t think.”

3. The Two Point Sim World

The hospital game is the first point in an expanded world called Two Point County that we comprise multiple sim-style games. This is great news, if the Two Point Hospital game is a success we know we have a pipeline of great games on the way.

What do you think of the new game and the new trailer – is your head swelling with excitement yet?