As we evolve everyday, technology does too. We have grown great lengths over the past few years and as we look into the future, we cannot deny that the technology we surround ourselves with everyday, might be dying tech in 5 year’s time.

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Let’s take a look at some of the pieces of technology we use everyday, that we reckon are slowly dying tech.


Believe it or not, but the Micro-USB is the perfect example of tech dying out, and being replaced by its faster, and sturdier big brother, the USB Type-C. Micro-USBs have been around for over ten years now, and they are used in almost everything. Every Android smartphone makes use of it for charging and data. The gaming controllers use them for charging and playing, and even digital cameras and video equipment use them.

Dying Tech

Dying Tech

The issue with these pieces of dying is that some of them are not tough enough for today’s consumer. They are old tech that wobbles around in the port, and has limited power output. The Type-C cable on the other hand, is completely different. The port lets you plug in the cable anyway you like as it is reversible. It also outputs higher voltages of power, and can output audio, a major restriction on the Micro USB.


We dream of a wireless world. As technology moves in a more free direction, wires could soon be a thing of the past. We have seen this with Apple’s iPhone 7, which no longer has an audio jack and Samsung’s awesome wireless charging.

At this year’s CES we also witnessed LG’s Wallpaper TV, that makes use of one thin piece of fibre to send signals to the TV without any wires running up the wall or into the back of the TV itself.

Dying Tech

Physical Discs For Media


Dying Tech

We already live in a world already, where downloading a movie, game, or streaming a TV show is easier and hassle free. It also means we can have it when we want it, and most of the time, the disc has been replaced with a flash drive. We will continue to see the disc becoming less and less important in the world, as internet takes over and lets us do everything digitally.

Weak Batteries

We all know how it gets in the way of our life, to have a flat battery when we are in the middle of the busiest day of the week. This could soon be a thing of the past as we advance in battery tech and move away from dying tech. PLUG has already unveiled plans to release the “world’s most powerful battery” pack that houses a massive 48,000mAh battery in it.

Dying Tech


Cellphone cameras have been improving greatly over the past few years, and they are now a massive selling point in a device. This means that companies like Samsung, Apple, and LG, will be focusing their attention on improving these features in every new device.

Dying Tech

The iPhone 7 Plus takes awesome pics, and we love it, but we think it can only get better. We will see DLSR cameras become less and less popular, while cellphone cameras become just as good as a R20k professional camera. Improved aperture, and faster lenses, will give a professional camera on the go.

What tech dying do you think will not be around in  the next few years? Let us know in the comments below.

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