There are everyday items we see all the time, but we never use. These everyday items seem to mock our lack of knowing how to use them, but they each actually serve a purpose.

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Here are 5 everyday items you may have forgotten how to use or use it for an unintended purpose.

The Tiny Pocket In Your Pocket

It’s one of those everyday items everyone has had a theory on. Some people believe it’s meant to put coins in, others think it’s meant for lipstick or a tampon.

Everyday Items

But popular denim designer, Levi’s has stated that the purpose of this tiny extra pocket is to protect watches. Called the watch pocket, this is one of those everyday items that have become forgotten because hardly anyone had a watch pocket these days.

The Arrow Next To The Petrol Icon

It’s so annoying parking on the wrong side of the petrol pump. But there is an easy way to avoid that.

Everyday Items

The arrow next to the petrol icon on your dashboard will show you on which side your petrol tank is.

The Extra Holes In Your Sneakers

These everyday items’ purpose don’t pose a great mystery.

Everyday Items

The main purpose of the extra holes in your sneakers is to provide ventilation, or you can use them to add some fancy lacing.

The Hole In Your Pot Handle

Sure the hole in the handles of your pots and pans is great for hanging them up when you have no other space for them. But these everyday items actually have a more handy purpose.

Everyday Items

These handles can be used to put your spoon or spatula over your pot or pan while you’re cooking to prevent a messy counter.

The Hole On A Soda Can Opener

Everyday Items

That little hole on the soda can opener is meant to hold your straw in place. It’s very useful when you the straw keeps pushing up because of the bubbles in soda drinks.

Did you know the true purposes of these everyday items? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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