With the Batman: Arkham series finished, and the Spider-Man game, which is being developed by Insomniac Games, still in development, we have got no real superhero games to play at the moment. Well, at least we have our imaginations to go with. Here are some superhero games we would be stoked to play, and why they would make such epic games.

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Wolverine is no stranger to superhero games, as the PS2 era was filled with awesome action games that starred our favorite clawed mutant – X-Men Origins, X-Men Legends and more. Now imagine a cool hack and slash game that stars Wolverine in all his glory. We think that the masterminds behind Bayonetta and NieR: Automata, Platinum Games, would make for a killer development team behind the game.


The studio is known for its tremendous work in hack and slash games, especially with its kick-ass combat systems. This, combined with Wolverine, could make for a pretty awesome beat em’ up as we slice up enemies, go head to head in hardcore boss fights with advanced combos, and fast-paced attacks. It would be this combination that will truly set the game apart from other, possivle superhero games in the future.


Believe it or not, but there was actually a Daredevil game in development back in the mid-2000s. The game was meant to be a mix of the classic Spider-Man games, and feature large hubs to explore, while at the same time an advanced combat system. Well the game never truly materialized into anything, after being canned by Sony, but the idea was pretty cool.

We have also touched on an idea we had about a Daredevil VR game, that could see us envisioning exactly what Daredevil sees in a VR headset. The idea would let us take on the role of the superhero himself, but more in a narrative way over a combat approach. The experience would be very similair to Batman: VR, that uses Batman’s detective abilities to solve a murder. Would this work? We are not sure, but the idea is pretty cool and its one of the superhero games that we wish could be developed.


How do you make a video game with the strongest superhero in the world, who can also fly wherever he wants? It’s a challenge because you can’t really create the entire world for Superman to explore, but you can provide a good story based in Metropolis, with some large-scale boss fights, and enough room to make Superman feel like a superhero without limiting him.


A Superman game would need a solid action-packed world, with enough story and space to explore to keep players interested at the same time. Out of all the superhero games, Superman could be the hardest game to make, as the past games have proven that he is a lot of superhero to handle.


Remember those classic Avengers: Ultimate Alliance games from back on the PS3? Those weren’t half bad at all. Sure, they feel a bit dated now, but time has aged them like all games. Now imagine Marvel, the mastermind behind the Avengers, tackling a new Ultimate Alliance? The difference now is that the studio should incorporate even deeper RPG mechanics to the game. Perhaps on the same level as Diablo III. Different gear that affects defense, strength and more.

Superhero Games

With the whole Marvel cast to go with, the character selection will be more than we can handle, and it would make for a new gameplay experience every time we playthrough it. Spider-Man, Captain America, hey, even Venom and some of the cool villains could be playable characters. The possibilities are endless.

Which superhero games would you love to play? Let us know in the comments below.

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