Black Panther is a roaring success at the box office and according to critics. We loved it, especially all of the South African references. But we also loved the Wakanda technology.

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Black Panther (portrayed by Chadwick Boseman) might be the face of doing good, but he is powered by the Wakanda technology. The Wakanda technology is mostly designed, maintained and created by T’Challa’s little sister, Shuri (portrayed by Letitia Wright). Not only is Shuri a genius, but the Wakanda technology is so cool thanks to Vibranium – the ultra metal that is only found in Wakanda.

Aside from the Black Panther suit, there is some awesome Wakanda technology displayed in the new movie. Here are some of our favourite Wakanda technology we wish really existed.

Kimoyo Beads

Wakanda Technology

Not merely an African fashion accessory, these Kimoyo Beads beat with Wakanda technology. They are shown in Black Panther to be able to do many cool things like holographic communication, healing powers, remote control, location device, and so much more.


Transport in this advanced African kingdom is powered by Wakanda technology. Shuri explains that the trains use magnetic gravitation to zip around smoothly. This Wakanda technology would be amazing in the real world where public transport is an ever growing issue and the rise of air pollution ever looming.

Active Camouflaging

A piece of Wakanda technology to truly marvel at. Not even T’Challa gets used to the awesome active camouflaging that allows Wakanda to exist right under the nose of the rest of the world.

Sonic Kitten Claws

Wakanda Technology

You’d never be scared to go for a run in a dodgy neighbourhood ever again if you had Shuri’s Kitten Claws. These pieces of Wakanda technology deliver sonic blows that will disarm and possibly injure any attacker.

Hologram Controlled Vehicles

Wakanda Technology

Shuri doesn’t even have to leave her lab in Wakanda to get in on the action. She’s created a hologram system where vehicles in any location in the world can be controlled via a hologram projection in her lab.

What technology did you marvel at in the new Black Panther movie? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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