Netflix is getting bigger and better with its original content. It has delivered yet another big movie premier with Annihilation, that is sure to draw audiences over and over again.

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Director Alex Garland
Cast Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tess Thomson, Gina Rodriguez
Genre Sci-Fi Horror
Running Time 1 Hour 55 Mins.

Based on the best-selling and beloved novel by Jeff VanderMeer, Annihilation takes you on a thrilling journey from start to finish. Natalie Portman portrays the role of Lena, a professor, and former soldier. When her husband returns from a strange mission, she embarks on a life-altering and mind-bending adventure.

Venturing into the unknown and what the driving forces behind these explorations are, are some of the main themes of Annihilation. The story has different aspects, intertwined to take you on a strange, yet thrilling journey.

Annihilation has a predominantly female cast, which couldn’t come at a more suiting time when female empowerment is at the forefront. And man, can these females kick ass, while making you really REALLY care about them. They are tough, but only when they need to be, which doesn’t leave room for useless violence in Annihilation. The females are also portrayed as really smart, with the focus being on their abilities and who they are as people, and not their looks. There are some cool action scenes, which gets your adrenaline pumping hard, but never once do you feel like an action scene was thrown in for no apparent reason other than for thrill. The movie is also pretty scary which adds to the authentic thrill, with certain scenes leaving you squirming.

First the streaming service proved that it could pull a Hollywood heavyweight with Will Smith in Bright, now it has done it again with casting Natalie Portman as the lead in Annihilation. Her performance is perfect. She is able to pull off so many emotions in Annihilation that it feels like we got to see her whole range. Her physical acting is also on-point, with her being able to confidently pull off being a soldier. This comes as no surprise, considering her role in Darren Aronofsky’s 2010 movie, Black Swan. The rest of the cast all delivered stellar performances as well and you will soon find yourself rooting for every one of them.


The movie looks beautiful. Annihilation transports the viewer to an alien world on Earth, mixing the familiar with the strange which delivers a gorgeously intriguing result. The visuals are like art and you’re constantly keen to see which next weird, yet strangely alluring, animal or plant will come up next.

The science behind it all, is pretty cool too. However, this is where the movie might start losing you if you don’t pay proper attention. Annihilation is not a movie you can put on the background like some shows. You need to be paying attention the whole time because you’re provided with a lot of backstories and scientific information that is essential to follow in order for you to understand the story.


Annihilation couldn’t come at a better time when females are finally given the important lead roles that they deserve. Natalie Portman as Lena delivers a performance that will leave you in awe of her. The movie doesn’t only look absolutely spectacular, but it also provides a thrilling story that touches on very important themes that are relevant to the current climate.

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Annihilation Review: Another Netflix Hit
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