Far Cry 5 is around the corner. Set to make its debut on PS4, Xbox One and PC on 27 March 2018, Far Cry 5 is already looking to be the best in the series. What makes Far Cry 5 stand out from the rest of them you ask? We’ve spent a few hours with the game and we have 5 things we think you NEED to know about Far Cry 5.

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Project AT Eden’s Gate Didn’t Happen Over Night

Far Cry 5 takes place in Hope County, a small fictional state in the United States that has been overrun by a large group of extremists and their leader, Joseph Seed.

Taking over a state isn’t easy and the origin of Far Cry 5 is not clear at the start of it. Project at Eden’s Gate are the group of people behind all the suppression in the Hope County. Joseph and his siblings slowly bought farm by farm in the area until they owned much of the property in Hope County. After which they were able to start brainwashing the people of the county with beliefs that God spoke to Joseph and designated him the role of saving the people, or chosen followers of Eden’s Gate from the end of the world.

Far Cry 5Each of the Seed siblings is responsible for some sort of activity in Hope County. Faith Seed is the face of the operations. She controls her own region in the county too. Jacob Seed is the army man in the family. He controls weapons and making sure that The Chosen are equipped to take the towns by force if the people do not choose to follow Father Seed. John Seed is the lawyer of the family and he is the one that twisted the laws in Hope County to make sure that everything Eden’s Gate was doing was not in violation of any codes.

With the family and a group of Chosen, Project at Eden’s Gate slowly grew into something bigger than anyone could imagine. Your role in Far Cry 5 is to take each family member down and free Hope County from the Eden’s Gate one small town at a time.

It’s Not So Controversial

Far Cry 5 might have the media up in arms about it controversial religious themes and mind control, but it is actually not as bad as it looks. The game manages to separate its serious nature from its dramatic themes. Sure, Father Seed is a complete nut job and he’s willing to take anything he wants as God supposedly says he can but outside of the main plot the game’s missions are as explosive and exciting as ever. Ubisoft could have gone all out with the controversy and made it a depressive state of affairs but that would not be a Far Cry game. There are certain things we look for now in a Far Cry experience. It has to include awesome action set pieces. It has to have an evil villain. It has to be set in a gorgeous open world with hundreds of side activities to complete and it has to be a borderline casual shooter.

Far Cry 5All these things are found in Far Cry 5, which in a way makes it a great shooter first and a game surrounded by sensitive themes second. What makes Far Cry 5 so great is in how it does not force any of its sensitive themes on you, rather it just puts it out there for you to find yourself. Sure, every time you meet Father Seed and he gives you a chilling backstory to his life you do feel overwhelmed with emotions but when you are burning down a stronghold with a pink flamethrower with a grizzly bear next to you helping you tear your enemies down it feels like a different game completely.

Arcade Mode Is Amazing In Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is coming with a creative mode and we know what you are thinking and no, it is nothing like Far Cry 2’s terrible version of its map editor. Instead, the mode called the Arcade Mode will let players create any game mode or map to play across PvP, co-op and even single player.

Far Cry 5You can really go all out and create anything your heart desires and then play it in a game mode. Mix in a little Assasin’s Creed IV: Black Flag with some Far Cry Primal and you could have a deserted island with pirate ships and saber-tooth tigers. The possibilities are endless.

Dozens Of Quest-Givers

Previous Far Cry games have had a wide selection of characters that you meet along the way, but Far Cry 5 does this a little differently. While there is a wide selection of people to meet and complete quests for these characters are finally worth your time to get to know. There is nothing worse than running around a game completing objectives for someone you don’t care about and Far Cry 5 has finally hit the nail on the head when it comes to deep, layered and unique characters.

Far Cry 5Some of these even choose to become companions in Far Cry 5 and will then run around with you as you explore Hope County and complete missions with you. They all have unique skill sets and weapons, so it’s important to choose the right companion for the job.

Hope County Is Like An American Vacation

If you are not in the mood to burn down any churches and you just want to head out into the forest for a calming walk then you can. Hope County is gorgeous and embodies everything that makes America’s southern life so great. The locals all appreciate the simple life, with no smartphones and spending the day fishing rather than playing games. You can do the same in Far Cry 5 thanks to the various activities the game has to offer.


So there you have five things you probably didn’t know about Far Cry 5. The game launches on 27 March 2018 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Are you excited about Far Cry 5? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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