March is the biggest month of gaming so far in 2018 and there is no doubt a lot going down. The highly anticipated Far Cry 5 finally lands on our TVs as well as Ni No Kuni 2 and much more. If you are looking for some gaming this March then never fear as there is bound to be something for you be it a full game release or even DLC as both Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Final Fantasy XV are receiving new content this March. Take a look at all the March 2018 games to look forward to.

Bravo Team – PS VR

Feel the heat of battle in an adrenaline-fueled journey full of intense combat and tactical teamwork.  Make every shot count as you target the enemy with deadly precision using the PlayStation VR Aim Controller. Step into an urban war zone and experience every explosion in intense guerrilla firefights behind enemy lines.

Experience the sensation of battle and plan strategic manoeuvres as a unit to gain the advantage. Snatch victory from the jaws of defeat as you adapt your tactics, with each weapon presenting new opportunities for combat.

Releasing: 4 March 2018

Final Fantasy XV + Royal Edition – PC, PS4, Xbox One

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition brings the acclaimed epic to new heights, packed with add-on content and new features. Join Prince Noctis and his closest friends as they fight against the empire in an effort to take back their fallen kingdom.

Releasing: 6 March 2018

Frantics – PS4

Use your mobile phone or tablet as a controller in 15 frenetic party games for up to four players.The host of proceedings – a scheming and charmingly unfair fox – will do whatever it takes to stir things up inciting bribery, backstabbing and all kinds of mischief.

Watch your private screen for secret info and missions to help you scheme your way into top place. Careful how you time your ascent though, once you’re at the top there’s only one way to go! Frantics is part of the PlayLink for PS4 range – all in, game on!

Releasing: 6 March 2018

Scribblenauts Showdown – Switch, PS4, Xbox One

It’s Scribblenauts, party-style! Use your imagination and go head-to-head in the ultimate multiplayer showdown! Enjoy a party-style Scribblenauts experience, conjuring from over 35,000 objects from the vast Scribblenauts dictionary to outsmart your opponent in over 25 mini-games!

Releasing: 6 March 2018

Assassin’s Creed: Origins – Curse of the Pharaohs

The Curse of the Pharaohs is a downloadable content expansion pack for Assassin’s Creed: Origins, set to be released on 13 March 2018. It is to be the second out of two expansion packs for the game, alongside The Hidden Ones.

The Curse of the Pharaohs sees Bayek travel to Thebes and the Valley of the Kings, where he will uncover a mystery that will develop into a “living nightmare” for Bayek. Further exploring Egyptian mythology, the expansion pits Bayek against mythical beasts and dead pharaohs.

Releasing: 13 March 2018

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – PC

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Vermintide. The time has arrived to revisit the fierce first-person co-op slaughter-fest featuring visceral and ground breaking melee action, set in the apocalyptic End Times of the war-ravaged Warhammer Fantasy Battles world.

Our 5 heroes have returned to take on an even greater threat – the combined forces of a malevolent and destructive Chaos army and the swarming Skaven horde. Prepare to be challenged like never before as you and your team desperately try to survive the never-ending onslaught. Choose between 15 different careers, climb the talent trees, customize your arsenal to fit your unique play style, fight your way through a myriad of stunning levels, and challenge yourself in our new Heroic Deeds System. The only thing standing between utter defeat and victory is you and your allies. If you fall – so will the Empire.

Releasing: 13 March 2018

Devil May Cry HD Collection – PS4, Xbox One, PC

The popular stylish action games Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, and Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition return in one collection! As Dante, the ultimate devil hunter, you’ll join forces with appealing characters such as Trish, Lady, and Lucia and enjoy incredible action for the first time in blistering 60fps.

Devil May Cry: The first appearance of Dante, the ultimate devil hunter! With the blood of a legendary demon warrior flowing through his veins, Dante takes on the king of the underworld, Mundus.

Releasing: 13 March 2018

Surviving Mars – PS4, Xbox One, PC

Surviving Mars challenges you to colonize Mars and survive the process. Use drones to prepare for human colonists. Create habitable living areas in grand domes, make discoveries, and build a new society. Build a sustainable colony: Colonizing a hostile world challenges you to build carefully. Planning isn’t about avoiding traffic it’s life or death.

Individual colonists: Each colonist is unique, with problems and strengths that influence everybody else. How will you balance their personalities Uncover Mars’ secrets: Surviving Mars includes mysterious sci-fi secrets – good and bad. What unknown discoveries await you?

Releasing: 15 March 2018

Kirby Star Allies – Switch

Kirby is back—and he’s finally on the Nintendo Switch console in HD! But this time, he’s not alone. Recruit enemies by hitting them with hearts and gather helpers for a party of up to four characters. On top of that, you can join with up to three friends for a different kind of team-up action. The newest Kirby title comes to the Nintendo Switch console in HD.

Recruit up to three enemies as helpers by hitting them with hearts. Returning copy abilities include, Sword, Fire, Water, Bomb, Broom and many more! Imbue copy abilities with different elements, such as wind, water, fire and electricity, by borrowing or giving them to helpers to add more attack power, unleash powerful attacks, or solve puzzles Up to 4 players can join in with the horizontal Joy-Con controller configuration, or 8 Joy-Con with 4 Joy-Con Grips

Releasing: 16 March 2018

Assassin’s Creed Rogue: Remastered – PS4, Xbox One

As Shay, you will experience the slow transformation from Assassin to Assassin hunter. Follow your own creed and set off on an extraordinary journey through New York City, the wild river valley, and far away to the icy cold waters of the North Atlantic in pursuit of your ultimate goal, to bring down the Assassins.

18th century, North America. Amidst the chaos and violence of the French and Indian War, Shay Patrick Cormac, a fearless young member of the Brotherhood of Assassins, undergoes a dark transformation that will forever shape the future of the American colonies. After a dangerous mission gone tragically wrong, Shay turns his back on the Assassins who, in response, attempt to end his life. Cast aside by those he once called brothers, Shay sets out on a mission to wipe out all who turned against him and ultimately become the most feared Assassin hunter in history.

Releasing: 20 March 2018

Sea of Thieves – Xbox One, PC

From the acclaimed developer, Rare comes a shared-world adventure game that offers the ultimate pirate experience. Packed to the seams with sailing and exploring, fighting and plundering, riddle solving and treasure hunting, Sea of Thieves has everything you need to live the pirate life you’ve always dreamed about.

Set in a glorious world of exotic islands, hidden treasures and dangers both natural and supernatural, Sea of Thieves immerses you in a new type of multiplayer action. Whether you’re adventuring as a group or sailing solo, you’re bound to encounter other crews – but will they be friends or foes? And how will you respond?

Releasing: 20 March 2018

A Way Out – PS4, Xbox One, PC

From the creators of Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons comes A Way Out, an exclusive co-op adventure where you play the role of one of two prisoners making their daring escape from prison. What begins as a thrilling breakout quickly turns into an unpredictable, emotional adventure unlike anything is seen or played before.

A Way Out is an experience that must be played with two players. Each player controls one of the main characters, Leo and Vincent, in a reluctant alliance to break out of prison and gain their freedom. Play the entire experience with your friends for free using the friends pass free trial feature.

Releasing: 23 March 2018

Detective Pikachu – 3DS

As Tim Goodman, you’ll partner with a self-proclaimed “great detective” Pikachu to solve strange occurrences all over Ryme City. Together you must investigate, take notes, and meet up with other Pokémon to unravel the city’s greatest mysteries!

Tim is searching for his missing father in Ryme City, but instead encounters a witty, tough-talking Pikachu! Along the way, experience over 150 fun-filled animated cutscenes starring this unique Pikachu, providing helpful hints or talking up a storm. You can also tap the extra-large Detective Pikachu amiibo™ figure to access all cutscenes up until the current chapter played. As you investigate crime scenes, gather testimonies, uncover information, and interact with Pokémon to solve cases. You’ll have to put your detective skills to the test to foil the mastermind behind the disturbances in Ryme City. All in a day’s work for detective Pikachu!

Releasing: 23 March 2018

No no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom – PC, PS4

Welcome to the beautiful world of Ni no Kuni! After being overthrown in a coup, the young king Evan sets out on an extraordinary quest to found a new kingdom, unite his world and protect its inhabitants from the dark forces that threaten them.

Join him on an unforgettable adventure which blurs the line between animated feature film and video game. Developed by LEVEL-5, Ni no Kuni II features enchanting character designs from the legendary artist Yoshiyuki Momose and a stirring soundtrack composed by the world-famous Joe Hisaishi.

Releasing: 23 March 2018

Far Cry 5 – PS4, Xbox One, PC

Far Cry comes to America in the latest instalment of the award-winning franchise.

Welcome to Hope County, Montana, land of the free and the brave but also home to a fanatical doomsday cult known as Eden’s Gate. Stand up to cult leader Joseph Seed, and his siblings, the Heralds, to spark the fires of resistance and liberate the besieged community.

Releasing: 27 March 2018

Agony – PS4, Xbox One, PC

You will begin your journey as a tormented soul within the depths of hell, without any memories of your past. The special ability to control people on your path, and even possess simply minded demons, gives you the necessary measures to survive in the extreme conditions you are in.

By exploring the hostile environment and interacting with other weary souls of the hellscape, the hero will soon understand that there is only one way to escape from Hell, and it will require meeting the mystical Red Goddess.

Releasing: 30 March 2018