Spotify South Africa is finally here. For years we have been waiting for the awesome music-streaming service to hit the African continent and we’re happy to report that Spotify South Africa is finally available to users.

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Spotify already boasts159 million active users, including over 71 million Spotify Premium subscribers. Here are 5 reasons to subscribe to Spotify South Africa right now.

Free Trial

Spotify South Africa offers users a 30-day free trial period to try out the music-streaming service. This gives you the opportunity to play around with the app and decide whether you want to commit to a subscription or ditch it for something else.

Free Option

Users can choose from two different options when they subscribe to Spotify South Africa:

  • Free (allows for shuffle-play): R0.00
  • Premium (ad-free, unlimited skips, listen offline, play any track): R59.99

Huge Selection

In terms of music selection, Spotify seems to have it all. With Spotify Premium users are able to look for basically any song, artist, album, you name it. Spotify has such a huge library, which constantly adds new music, featuring some of the biggest artists in the world, that you really wouldn’t need another music-streaming service if you opt to subscribe to Spotify South Africa.

Offline Listening

Being able to listen to music offline with Spotify is a huge draw for subscribing to Spotify Premium. We love that you’re able to download the music you would like to listen to while out and about, creating a playlist for your life. With Spotify Premium you’re able to download up to 3 333 songs, which means you’re probably unlikely to run out of music to listen to.

Spotify Pays

Unlike streaming music illegally, if you subscribe to Spotify you’re legitimately supporting the music industry you love. Spotify pays the artists based on how many streams they get.

Will you be subscribing to Spotify South Africa? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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