Because this highly popular game from Electronic Arts is so similar to real life, The Sims glitches are really creepy and sometimes even a little scary.


Here are our pick of the 5 scariest The Sims glitches:

1.The Sims Glitches

This chick couldn’t pick an outfit so she decided to turn herself into a human tree with big boobs and a head for a stomach. We could stop starring and laughing at this one.

The Sims Glitches 4

We’re pretty sure that’s not the proper way to hold a child. Also, it is probably extremely unsafe to hold a child so close to an open fire. The Sims glitches can sometimes show the scary side to parenting, maybe that’s why there is a new The Sims: Parenthood expansion pack.


The Sims Glitches 3

This poor lady is having an incredibly horrible day. For starters, she’s obviously burned or had an electric shock and now her neck has turned into a snake. The saddest part is that none of the other surrounding Sims seem to care.


The Sims Glitches 1

Babies seem to be one of the reacquiring The Sims glitches. This one is seriously weird because that baby looks like her mom had her with a goat. That’s truly only a face a mother could love.


The Sims Glitches 2

This little girl was really hit hard with the ugly stick and is another example where a glitch in a game can make something look completely warped. The Sims glitches are also especially creepy because they remind us of horror movies where the bad guy is usually deformed and scary as hell. So when The Sims glitches happen they can be quiet scary or hilarious.

Have you experienced some scary or weird The Sims glitches? Drop us a comment below and tell us about your The Sims glitches.

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