Video games are constantly pushing the limit when it comes to being “out there” and baring it all to see. Some contain intense sex scenes between characters or video game nudity.

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We take a look at some of the most intense video game nudity that has pushed the boundaries in gaming.

Grand Theft Auto V

Video game nudityOf course, GTA V would have made the list as it comes as no surprise that it contains a more mature dose of content than most games. If you have played GTA V you would know that Trevor Phillips is one of the most manic characters in the game and he does some crazy things. Stripping down in front of someone to show them his penis is just one of those things.


Video Game Nudity

Well, obviously there is some video game nudity in this game. Just look at its title. The PS2 game was developed by Acclaim and was shunned back in the day for the amount of video game nudity it contained. We are talking about topless ladies riding BMXs around the game. Sure you could put nipple caps on the females to hide their nipples because it only counts if you see the nipple apparently, but many gamers just didn’t. Instead, they drove around the course with huge knockers flying all over the show. While the game was not the best, it sold millions due to it containing video game nudity. Proving again that sex sells.

Playboy Mansion The Game

Video Game NudityIt should come as no surprise that a game based on the Playboy Mansion, the brand known for its nudity, would have video game nudity. The game was sort of like a Sims clone whereas you would run the Playboy Mansion, build relationships, host photo shoots go skinny dipping. All this meant that if there was a chance to have a girl naked in the game, then you would probably see a nipple or two.

Saints Row IV

Video Game Nudity

Saints Row IV is basically a parody of everything we love about action. Its over-the-top combat, characters and of course weapons make it a unique game and it would not be a Saints Row game without a little video game nudity. In the intro segments of the game, your character is created and you can freely adjust your bugle or your breast size. To make it even crazier, the entire start of the game is completed with you in the nude.

God of War

Video Game NudityWe all know that the previous God of War games always featured an intense sex scene with one…or two ladies. Kratos would work them up and you would need to press series of buttons to make sure you get through to the end of the sequence with them to avoid leaving them disappointed. Well, the scenes are pretty NSFW as you see some rather large jugs bouncing around. It is intense and not something to play when your mom is around.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Video Game NudityThe characters in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are some of the best in gaming and the fact that you could work on your relationship with them and ultimately have sexy time with them too, was what drove gamers to make the right decisions at specific times in the game.

Duke Nukem

Video Game Nudity

To be honest, Duke Nukem has had a few games featuring video game nudity in the past so it is hard to nail down the one with the most. If you ask us the most memorable one was Duke Nukem 3D which is only really bad because it came out in the 90s when gaming was not as open as it is today. Duke Nukem 3D has a couple of strippers all over the game that would flash you if you paid them.

Which games do you think have some intense video game nudity? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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