These days video game microtransactions are attached to most games. Loot boxes, DLC, pay-to-win mechanics, and of course pay-to-continue mechanics are all part of these video game microtransactions. All these extra video game microtransactions add up to a lot of money in the long run.

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These are the worst video game microtransactions we’ve experienced.

Star Wars: Battlefront II

While Star Wars: Battlefront II‘s video game microtransactions are no longer in the game, when the game launched originally back in November 2017 it was a disaster. EA decided to add loot boxes to the game that contained actual game enhancements that made you more powerful.Video Game MicrotransactionsSure, you could buy loot boxes with in-game credits that you earned but according to players, it would take you 48 hours to earn enough just for one hero purchase.

Destiny 2

Destiny is probably one of our favourite game series but there is no denying that is has a questionable loot box system. In the original game, the video game microtransactions were handled very well. They were limited to cosmetic gear and even if you did not want to spend money on the loot boxes, you would be able to obtain them in the game’s general loot system during themed events.Destiny 2 BetaThe video game microstransactions were not handled as well in Destiny 2. Firstly, shaders are now limited to a one-time use, which means they go away when you use them. These are obtained in the game’s loot box system. To make it worse, when a themed event came around you could not obtain the set cosmetic items by just playing the game. You would have to grind to hell and back or spend money on the chances to get this timed gear before they were gone forever. Just not great at all. Bungie is working on the game’s system, but we pretty much think that gamers have moved onto greener pastures.

Dead Space 3

EA actually started its video game microtransactions drama a while back, with Dead Space 3. The game featured a decent crafting system for gear and weapons, but there was a catch. You could not craft these things without specific items, naturally. However, EA offered the best way to get these items in the form of video game microtransactions. Video Game MicrotransactionsSure, you could search for the same things throughout the game but the offer to just throw some money at it to save time was pretty attractive back in the day. The worst thing of all is that reports state that the game was never meant to have this video game microtransactions system and that EA insisted that Visceral Games add it in. The series is now dead and the studio has now closed down.

Assassin’s Creed Series

Ubisoft is known for its “time saver” approach to its games especially when it comes to Assassin’s Creed. Since back way when Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag released, Ubisoft has always offered various video game microtransactions that will unlock crafting materials for the game. Don’t want to hunt down all those boats to get wood? Then purchase the wood.Video Game Microtransactions


EA makes around R15 million a day from its FIFA games and it is mainly thanks to a little game mode called Ultimate Team. In a nutshell, the game mode revolves around pairing random card packs of players with everyone around the world as they bid, buy and fight over these cards to create the “ultimate team”. These card packs are all purchasable separately which is where EA gets its money from. Over R9 billion per year to be exact.FIFA 18The thing is, young kids have no idea what they are buying when they are offered the chance to open a new card pack that might have some awesome football player in it. Why would they not want to have the best team to take with them online? So EA uses an in-game currency called FUT points to run the storefront. You buy these coins and then you can buy card pack to gain more players. It’s a crazy thing and it drives EA’s profit through the roof. To think that it is just a soccer game and it makes them so much money. There is no getting around it. FIFA has the worst video game microtransactions…ever.

Which video game microtransactions drive you nuts or make you poor? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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