Sometimes it’s due to the fact that the cover is more popular than the original or because of a significant generation gap, but it can be a surprising and weird experience to learn that some of your favourite songs are covers. Check out these 5 90s songs you might not have known were covers of original songs performed by a completely different artist in a sometimes completely different era:

I Swear

Original: John Michael Montgomery (1993)

Cover: All-4-One (1994)

This moving love-song was originally written for country singer, John Michael Montgomery and had huge success within the country music commmunity. But it was R&B group All-4-One that cemented this song into pop culture history a year later in 1994.


Original: Ednaswap (1995)

Cover: Natalie Imbruglia (1997)

Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia made this song a hit in 1997, 2 years after it was originally released by LA-based band, Ednaswap.

It’s So Quiet

Original: Betty Hutton

Cover: Björk

Who would’ve guessed that Björk’s super alternative 1995 released song was actually a cover of the original recorded by Betty Hutton all the way back in 1951.

Nothing Compares 2 U

Original: The Family (1985)

Cover: Sinead O’Connor (1990)

You may not have known this but Nothing Compares 2 U was originally written in 1985 for The Family by none other than superstar Prince. However, the original version bombed. Irish singer Sinead O’Connor managed to give the song the true recognition it deserved in 1990.

Check out Chris Cornell’s recent cover:

Don’t Turn Around

Original: Tina Turner (1986)

Cover: Ace of Base (1994)

Admit it, you’ve loved this song since you first heard it in 1994 when it was released by Ace of Base. But did you know that this hugely popular and catchy song was originally written for Tina Turner in 1986?