The new God of War is almost here. Releasing on 20 April 2018, Santa Monica took the series back to the drawing board after the ending of God of War 3 to build the story and characters from the ground up and make them ready for today’s modern gaming standards. The new God of War marks a new beginning for the series and something very different from everything we have experienced before. From its characters to its combat, the new God of War game has gone in a new direction and here are 5 things it is doing differently.

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New Story

The Gods of Olympus are dead and time has passed in the Kratos saga. The new God of War exists in a world where each type of mythology exists at the same time. Kratos now lives in a frozen tundra in a realm where Norse mythology exists. He now has a child, a son named Atreus and his revengeful past is but a secret to him. Kratos has mellowed a bit and all the anger and rage we remember from the past games has left him. In a way, he has matured and forgiven his past skeletons for the events that led him to slay each and every God in Olympus. New God of WarExpect the story to be very personal in the new God of War, as Kratos and his son bond and fight with each other as they are both trying to find their place in the world. Atreus does not know about his father’s dark past and his single-handed destruction of Olympus. However, the Norse gods do know, which creates complications for Kratos as he is trying to show his son the world.

Combat Is Refined But Brutal

Previous God of War games relied on a heavy combo system to make its hack and slash combat work. You would spam a series of buttons in different orders to deliver different attacks. The weapon you had would determine the combination of buttons that would work the best. This would result in a very fast-paced combat system with Kratos running around the screen, rolling, parrying and swinging his blades all over the show. New God of WarThe new God of War is doing things very differently. The combat has been turned way down to provide a more tactical and slower combat system. Think Dark Souls meets the Witcher. Kratos will be able to lock onto each enemy and you will need to predict attack patterns, dodge when needed, and use your environment and Atreus to help with combat. You will no longer need to spam buttons to pull off attacks. Instead, study your opponents and be vigilant to your surroundings. New God of WarAll this is to say that Kratos is not weak now that he has calmed down a bit and combat is not so fast-paced, it is actually the complete opposite. Kratos is not scared to get his rage on and pummel enemies in the face with his fists. The awesome rage attacks also return that will let you slow down time and simply wreck everything that stands in his way. Kratos will still be as deadly and brutal as you remember him, so be prepared to see some guts and gore throughout the new God of War game.

Gear System

Past God of War games saw players earn XP from defeating enemies. Enemies would drop blood shards, then be pumped into already-obtained weapons and gear to unlock new combos. It was a simplified system that worked. The only downfall is that you had very little control over what you would invest in and why. You would just start with the first weapon and level them up for the sake of things. New God of WarThe new God of War will revolve around a new weapon called the Leviathan Axe and it will be Kratos’ main weapon. You will be able to imbue it with various elements to change its attacks and use. For example, ice equipped onto the axe will free enemies when Kratos throws the axe at them. It will also level up as you progress through the new God of War game and more abilities will be unlocked. Kratos also has a shield which has unlockable skills. The difference here is that you can find and equip different shields as well as armour and gear. This is big change from the limited loot system in the past games.

A New World To Explore

Everything about the new God of War is different and its world is one of the best new changes. Based on Norse mythology, the new God of War game takes place in Scandinavia and predates the Vikings. Like the past seven games, the gods actually walk the earth. Kratos will explore some of the nine realms of Norse mythology and of course stir up some rather nasty fights. New God of WarUnlike past games that were linear, the new God of War is more open with secrets, puzzles, and places to explore. It also all comes to life thanks to a new camera system that lets you actually control where you are looking instead of it being controlled by the game like in the past. This freedom of exploration, as well as the game’s new camera system, will deliver a brand new experience to players.

All these exploration mechanics, combat and story elements will deliver a bigger game than ever before. According to the game’s Director Cory Barlog, the game will last anything between 20-25 hours with a 100% playthrough, meaning you can collect everything and explore everywhere, clocking in at over 40 hours. This is almost double the length of all the past game which is great news for all fans of the series. There will be optional places to explore, quests to undertake and of course bosses and mini-bosses to slay throughout the new God of War game. God of WarThe new God of War releases on 20 April 2018 only on PS4. The game also comes with PS4 Pro support such as 4K resolution and HDR support. So you can expect it to look gorgeous.

Are you looking forward to the new God of War experience? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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