The PS4 is a few years old and if you think you know everything about it then think again. There are some things we still discover on the daily basis about the console that will make your life better. These include tweaking your system to navigate around easier, or even a way to declutter your lists of games. Here are PS4 life hacks you may not have known about.

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Hide Trophy Lists

If you are tired of your trophy list being cluttered and not being organized with games you actually play then, then this is one of the PS4 life hacks for you. There are often games we start playing and never go back to. Each of these games adds a trophy list to your collection. If you want to get rid of that said game list so you and other people don’t see your 0% progression, then you can. PS4 life hacksSimply head to your trophy lists on your PS4.

Press the options button and head to Privacy Settings.

From there choose Hidden Games. Go through your list and tick the games you want to hide. Click on the confirm button and they will now be hidden from your view. You can change this by repeating the same process but untick the games instead.

Use A Custom Image As Wallpaper

The PS4’s backgrounds are cool but sometimes you just want to use a photo you took in Horizon Zero Dawn. Well, you can. All you need to do is head over to Settings Themes Select Theme > choose Custom. From here you can select your photo from the various screenshots you have taken in the games you play. This will now appear on your home menu.PS4 life hacksYou can also select a wallpaper from a USB. All you need to do is paste your image onto your USB drive in a folder called “IMAGES” (must be capitalized) and choose the USB Storage Device option when on the same menu. This will let you choose an image from those you pasted and select them as your background.

Turn Your TV On

This one of the PS4 life hacks for those of you that love to simply their lives. You can turn your TV one when your PS4 goes on to make life a little easier. All you need to do is head to Settings > System and enable HDMI Device Link.PS4 life hacks

Boost PS4 Internet Speed

You could try to improve your PS4 internet by changing the DNS settings to boost the speed. It is one of those simple PS4 life hacks that could mean your downloads will be done faster than before. Head to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection > Use Wi-Fi (or LAN) > Custom > Automatic > Do Not Specify > Manual.

PS4 life hacks

Now, where it shows you your DNS fields enter the following:

  • For Primary enter; and
  • For Secondary enter

Save your settings and do a speed test. Remember, the speed test results are not always as accurate as they seem.

Chat Faster From Your Mobile

While the PS4 has a great digital keyboard to type your texts, it takes forever to type a long message. PS4 life hacksLuckily, there is an app for that – naturally. You can download the PlayStation Messenger App that lets you sign in and use your mobile to send texts and receive them too. It is a lot easier than using the DualShock 4. You can download the app for iOS and Android

Listen To Your Music While You Game

Spotify has launched in South Africa and it is great. What makes it even better is that you can use the built-in Spotify PS4 app to listen to your music while you game. This is great for any gamer who is playing perhaps a multiplayer game that does not require much attention. PS4 life hacksYou can also link your mobile app to the PS4 and change songs, fast forward and even select playlists right from the app and it will mimic it on the console. This is also great if you have a headset or a large home theatre system as it means great music while you game.

Create A Custom Friends List

If you are tired of sorting through your friends list to find one person on it then you can save time by creating a custom list of friends. It is easy and makes finding your set of friends for each type of game simpler. PS4 life hacksTo create a list: Go to your Friends list Custom List > Create List and select the friends you want to appear on it. Name it whatever you want and save it. You can now add friends and remove them off this list as you wish.

Transfer Data Between PS4s

This is one of the PS4 life hacks for users who are moving to a new PS4 or PS4 Pro. You can transfer your data easily to and from a console without losing anything. It is almost as if it clones the console directly, so you will not even notice that anything has changed. PS4 life hacksIn order to complete this, you will need two PS4 consoles and a LAN cable. Plug the LAN cable in between the two of them. On the PS4 which you are sending data from head to Settings > System > Transfer Data to Another PS4. Follow the guide on the console and it will transfer everything across.

Stream PS4 Games To Your PC/Laptop

If you are sharing a TV set with someone in your house and they are constantly pushing you off from gaming then you can always make do with playing your PS4 games on your PC/Mac and laptop. All you need is a USB cable to plug your controller in and you are ready to go. PS4 life hacksSimply download the Remote Play PC program and follow the instructions to set it up. On the PS4 console head to Settings > Remote Play and Connection Settings and do the same thing. When you have enabled both the PC and PS4 then launch the remote play option on the PC app and it will connect to your PS4. Happy gaming without the TV!

Save Battery On Your DualShock 4

The DualShock 4 might look like an awesome controller but its light bar kills its battery pretty fast. Luckily you can turn it off by simply holding down the PS Button, and heading to Sound/Devices > Light Bar > Change this to dim. This will lower the power outage to the LED light bar saving you some time between charges.

PS4 life hacks

Are there any PS4 life hacks we left out? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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