Netflix may have world-class content like the awesome Stranger Things, Black Mirror and Annihilation but it also houses some very weird things as well. Here are some of the most randomly disturbing things you will find on Netflix. Warning, watch at your own peril.

Confessions: Animal Hoarding

While some of us have one or two pets, even three perhaps, the people found on Confessions: Animal Hoarding have more pets living in one place than an entire neighbourhood. We are talking about close to one hundred cats in one house. This crazy show highlights the lives of animal hoarders and how the people around them reach out to try and help them.

Micheal Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special

The name may seem out of this world but the Micheal Bolton Big, Sexy, Valentine’s Day Special is just as crazy. The film stars a handful of Hollywood’s funniest stars in a movie about Michael Bolton hosting a telethon in order to get people to make love more. Why may you be asking yourself? In order to up the population for Santa Clause as he needs 75,000 new babies to deliver toys to during Xmas.

Re: Mind

Re: Mind has a great plot. It sees eleven girls wake up in a strange dining hall bound to the floor and they now need to figure out what they are doing there. While it sounds simple, the show is actually filled with some crazy plot twists and intense puzzles as these girls need to try and escape the madness. It makes for an enjoyable sit through if you can handle the randomness.


Following the life of a red racoon named Retsuko, this insanely over-the-top anime/cartoon is not for you if you need to watch things that make sense. The show goes from following the daily life of Retsuko to watching this animal play heavy rock music right before she goes to bed. The entire show is crazy and you will love it even though you have no idea what is going on.

Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords

If you rent your apartment and keep things in order then you are a rare breed as apparantly, people are crazy out there. Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlord shows off the craziest tenant in the UK and what they get up to in property that does not belong to them.


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