If you are in the mood for a gag then Netflix has a huge list of fantastic stand-up comedy shows to watch. No really, they are hilarious. Here are some of the best comedy specials on Netflix.

Ali Wong – Baby Cobra

Fresh Off the Boat writer has been known for her fantastic script on the American TV show and her crazy attitude oozes into her Baby Cobra show where she makes fun of life and other comedians. We recommend you watch this one a few times in order to get everything she says as you will crying with laughter and may miss a few lines.

Trevor Noah – Afraid of the Dark

Trevor Noah might be from South Africa but his comedy special, Afraid of the Dark touches on both South African politics and American culture. He touches on coming to the US for the first time and the struggles of being a native. If you enjoy his work then you will love this show.

Patton Oswalt – Talking for Clapping

Paton Oswalt became famous during his United States of Tara appearance and now he rocks the stage and makes people laugh. Like most comedians, he tackles the issues with Donald Trump and other American culture topics. Most of all he is knowns for his nerdy and opinionated rants which are funnier than it sounds.

Chris Rock – Tamborine

Chris Rock has been missing in action sometime now but he is back and better than ever in 2018’s Tamborine show. Chris does what he does best in a full hour of adult-themed jokes and raw language as he touches on the issues in America and the world right now. You will feel a lot happier after watching this.

Margaret Cho – Psycho

Margaret Cho is one of the funniest Asian people on the planet and she too is behind the American show, Fresh off the Boat which means she brings all the rawness you could ever need from an hour of television. Margaret touches on Chinese cliches, what American people think of Chinese people and how strict it is growing up in a Chinese family.

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