A video released by TMZ showing a distressed German Shepard on the set of a movie, A Dog’s Purpose, highlighted a long-debated issue – animals in the entertainment business. With people becoming more aware of what goes on behind the scenes, many don’t want animals to be used in either live or recorded acts.

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People Don’t Want Live-Animal Acts

One of the biggest live animal circuses, Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey announced recently that it would take its final bow, citing “poor attendance” as the reason. The “Greatest Show On Earth” has been around for 146 years and has been getting criticism from the public for using many live animals in its acts. The circus has already removed the elephants from its shows. After a long legal battle, these animals were allowed to enjoy the rest of their lives on a conservation farm without being forced to perform unnatural acts, live in confinement, and be transported constantly.

After public pressure, Sea World has vowed to stop capturing wild orcas or breeding them for its water shows. And now many people are calling for the boycott of the upcoming A Dog’s Purpose movie due to the behind the scenes video footage which has emerged showing a clearly distressed German Shepard who is forced into gushing water by his a trainer.


Thanks to smartphones and the ability to instantly share video, images or info with millions of people on the internet, many of the previously unknown cruelties can be exposed. In the past, movies were able to get away with on-set animal abuse and even death, but thanks to whistleblowers like smartphone activists, Beauty Without Cruelty, and PETA these things are being exposed. It might be difficult to watch, but these videos and images help consumers make informed decisions by choosing entertainment options where live animals are not used.

How Digitization Could Spare Animals

Hollywood has proved that you don’t need live animals to have animals feature in movies, with the live-action The Jungle Book being the perfect example. The live-action adaptation of the beloved Disney movie, featured an array of animals, none of which were real. At the end of the credits there was a disclaimer confirming that the entire movie was shot in a studio.

SeaWorld has also embraced digitization as a way to move away from using live animals, which consumers seem to want to avoid. The new Orca SeaWorld experience will apparently involve iPads which will give interactive entertainment and information.

VR technology could also be used to give you seemingly real life animal experience, without harming any animals in the process. VR will probably be able to give you an even better experience because you would be able to get more out of an artificial animal in terms of entertainment purposes than out of a wild animal who is scared and forced to do things that go beyond its natural instincts. SeaWorld is adding a virtual reality experience as well.

With technology offering an alternative that could fool most people, there is really no reason for live animals to be used for entertainment purposes ever.

What is your opinion on the use of live animals for entertainment purposes? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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