South Africans know all too well about how expensive mobile data can be. There is even a movement called #DataMustFall which highlights how the high costs of mobile data can become a massive barrier for consumers to enjoy their devices and everything the internet has to offer.

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If you’re keen on lowering your data usage to save some money, then check out our 5 tips.

Use Wifi

By constantly connecting to free wifi or your home or office wifi, you will be able to limit your data usage. It’s important to ensure you also turn off settings which switches to mobile data if you’re wifi signal isn’t strong enough.

Turn Off Automatic Updates

Make sure you disable automatic app updates. In order to save mobile data, rather switch to update apps only when connected to a wifi network.

Track Your Mobile Data Usage

You need to be able to figure out which apps use the most mobile data to help you avoid those apps when you’re not connected to a wifi network. Media and content heavy apps like Instagram will use plenty of data so only use those apps when you’re not using your expensive mobile data.

Set A Mobile Data Limit

Data can be limited by enforcing a voluntary soft lock on your device once you’ve reached your monthly limit. Depending on your provider and your mobile data plan, you can set the limit in monetary or mobile data form.

Use Offline Mode

Certain apps allow you to download and save media to your device to be enjoyed later. This means that you can save your mobile data and only use data when you’re connected to a wifi network. You’re then able to enjoy your music, movies, series or whatever else content on your device without being on a wifi network and without using your expensive mobile data.

BONUS: Disable Push Notifications

App notifications might slowly start to use up your data. Be sure to only enable essential apps to push notifications to your devices when you’re not connected to a wifi network.

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