The majority of gambling-related games are all generally designed to raise excitement in players and take over the risk-seeking part of the brain. However, bingo is somewhat of an exception to this trend. It attracts more female players and it is possibly the only gambling-related activity in which the social aspect of the game is the most important. Bingo is seen as a form of “soft” gambling and is a classic numbers game, which involves matching numbers selected with those on the player’s card. If the player finds the selected numbers are arranged in a row, they then have a winning card.

A very loyal bingo customer base in North America has ensured that the game of bingo has continued to thrive, however in the UK it is a different story and over the last 30 years or so there has been a drastic decrease in the number of physical bingo halls sadly. This massive decline was attributed in part to the smoking ban preventing smoking within public places. In 3 years after this ban was introduced 20% of the UK bingo industry was wiped out.

This decline, however, did see a rise in the popularity of online playing. This is possibly because the customers who would previously play in the bingo halls decided to play their favourite game in the comfort of their own home. This also allowed the game to reach a younger demographic. The game has always been generally associated with older players, but now a new younger market has been discovered; which has the industry buzzing. This is especially true in the UK which is the biggest online bingo market in the world, grossing £128.64 million in one year alone. This helps explain why there is such a growing number of high-quality brands, mFortune being an example of one of the most exciting sites players can enjoy.

Bingo is a multiplayer, social game and therefore benefits from players being able to interact with each other, whether this be at a hall or in an online room. When playing online, players can usually take advantage of the monitored chat room facilities that are available. Multiplayer games have many advantages, such as allowing players to build networks and promotes interaction amongst players, increasing social awareness and social skills. It also helps to increase the amount of time that they will spend playing. This is seen as a huge positive for the future of bingo, as both players and operators benefit from this fun pastime.

Bingo has always been seen as a social game to take part in within bingo halls. Now, this social aspect of the game has continued into the online versions of the game. Thus ensuring players can enjoy their favourite games and chat to others whilst waiting for the numbers to be called out; and can even share their success with others. Therefore, it is clear to see that games like bingo are superb examples of where the multiplayer together with the social aspects compliment each other, and in so doing make for the perfect player gaming experience.