Netflix‘s Luke Cage is a Marvel show about a superhero with unbreakable skin and superhuman powers. So, of course, you are going to see some moments that leave you shook. Here are five times Luke was the most awesome person on Netflix.

Iron Fist And Luke Cage Team Up

In episode 10 of Season 2, we see Luke Cage and Iron Fist team up for a beautifully-choreographed fight. Luke Cage punches some people here, Iron Fist there, but it all comes down to an epic show of destruction when Iron Fist and Luke use their powers to basically wreck an entire room. Iron Fist uses his Chi powers and punches Luke Cage’s Fist to send a shockwave flying out of their direction dispersing a large group of enemies and knocking everything down around them.

Threesome Fight

In episode 12 of season 2, Luke, Misty and Shades go head to head against Bushmaster in one of the show’s most intense displays we have seen. It was a climatic ending to the show as the final fight saw Misty, Shades and Luke Cage bash Bushmaster’s ego in as they all took him for a good pound. At one stage of the scene, everyone punched him at least once in the face. While Luke Cage could have killed Bushmaster, he decided to let him live another day.

Misty Tries Her New Arm

In episode 7 of season 2, we see Misty try out her new arm for the first time. Misty’s bionic arm may seem like a simple replacement but when she puts it to the test in an awesome fight scene we get to see her go all out. The arm is new but that does not stop her from just being all-around badass with it. At one stage Luke simply stands and watches her wreck her enemies. It is very satisfying to watch.

Bushmaster On The Bridge

In episode 6 of season 2 Bushmaster and Luke Cage go head to head on an empty bridge in a very unexpected fight scene. Bushmaster tries to talk Luke into joining him but he has other plans. A few kicks here, a few power slams there and Luke Cage was kicked off the side of the bridge. We knew he survived the fall but it was still crazy to witness.

I’m Not For Hire

In the very first episode of the first season Luke Cage we see Luke save Mr and Mrs Liam. Instead of Luke wanting money for the job, refuses to take it.

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