If you thought that you needed to sit at a TV with a controller in your hand to experience a great console-like game you were wrong. With technology moving so fast and mobile devices becoming increasingly more powerful, they are able to deliver fantastic gaming experiences without compromising on the quality and sheer scale of them. From battle royale games to FIFA to even some deep RPG experiences, here are some of the best console-like mobile games you can play right now.

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Fortnite – iOS

Of course, the mother of all battle royale games would make the top of this list. The game has reached a new level of popularity in the world.

Fortnite pits 100 players against each other in a massive open battlefield as they all try to kill each other and build forts to protect each other from death. The game runs like a dream on iOS, especially the iPhone X. It also works pretty well with touch controls. If you are looking for fun and exhilarating battle royale console-like mobile games, then Fortnite is a must-play.

The Telltale Series – iOS/Android

The Telltale games have been widely popular in the recent years. Instead of opting for deep gaming mechanics with worlds to explore and combat to face, Telltale have become masters at creating narrative-driven games across pop-culture series. Almost every Telltale game release is available on iOS and Android from the Game of Thrones to the Batman: Enemy Within, giving you plenty of console-like mobile games to choose from.

The Room Series – iOS/Android

Ever wanted to escape to a steampunk escape room in real life and you have to use all your abilities to solve puzzles and get out alive? Well, The Room series is just that. There are four main games in the series up to now and each of them delivers a unique puzzle-solving experience that is unlike anything you have played before. You will need to tamper with boxes to open other boxes. Use tools to get through obstacles and best of all use your phone’s touchscreen to carefully tweak levers, switches and nobs to discover what goes where.

Civilization VI -iOS

It is a rare occurrence to be able to experience the same level of detail in a mobile game as you do in a PC game and Civilisation VI is just that. The game is the entire, fully-detailed PC version of the classic RTS built just for iPad devices. We are talking about the same level of gameplay, the same deep economy and best of all, the same addictive time-consuming RTS experience that you would find on the PC. The game is only available on iPad as it is quite the demanding one in terms of graphics too but if you are looking for great RTS console-like mobile games, then this is without a doubt the one.

Inside – iOS

We are sure everyone on the planet has played Limbo before. That creepy side-scrolling game where you try to escape the woods as an unnamed boy. Well, if you ever enjoyed that, then you will love Inside. The game follows the same mysterious plot as you take control of a young boy who sets off across a series of locations. The story is never fully explained but is more up to self-interpretation according to the developer. Humanity seems to be on the brink of extinction and as you explore each area you will need to try to get away from strange creatures and people that want you dead for no apparent reason. If you want a twisted side-scroller that will really put your mind to work then Inside is the answer.

Life is Strange – iOS

The Life is Strange series is one of Ubisoft’s best. It tells the story of Max Caulfield, an 18-year olf girl that obtains the power to rewind time. The fact that this is a mobile game is a big deal, as its episodic gameplay makes for a great experience on a phone. The story is also very good with you being able to play it a few times to unlock all the different endings and outcomes in the game.

The Witness – iOS/Android

The Witness is one of our all-time favourite console-like mobile games. It sees you explore a vast island and discover puzzles and complete them in order to restore the island back to its former glory. The greatest part about it is the beauty that lies within the game itself. Each location is carefully crafted to make use of the environment and each puzzle is a stepping stone to something greater. You will spend countless hours exploring this beautiful island and discovering its mystery.

Which console-like mobile games are your favourite? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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