E3 2018 is over but that does not mean the memories will ever die. The show had some fantastic games and we got our hands on them all. From the upcoming Spider-Man to some awesome co-op adventures such as Strange Brigade and Earthfall. We even had time with the anticipated Hitman 2 and LEGO DC Super Villains. Here are all the best games we played at E3 2018.

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Spider-Man – PS4

Spider-Man is the upcoming ambitious open-world superhero game from Insomniac Games – the creators behind the Ratchet and Clank series. To pull off an open world game is one thing, but to make a successful superhero game is another. We have had a handful in gaming’s entire history and even those were a close call.

With our time with Spider-Man at E3 2018 we learned that Insomniac Games has made sure to create an open world adventure that will please fans of Marvel’s Spidey as well as video game fanatics around the world. Fluid controls mean moving Spider-Man around the world is easy, smooth combat means making use of the environment and combos to defeat the ends of justice. Being a Marvel game means it will be packed with all the craziness we love from the franchise.

The demo itself saw us face off against Shockwave in an intense battle where we tossed giant boulders at him to stun him before pummeling his face in with our fists. Our short time with Spider-Man at E3 2018 proved to be just the taste we needed to get even more hyped for the game.

Releasing: 7 September 2018

Strange Brigade – PS4, Xbox One, PC

If you want a good old co-op experience when gaming, then Strange Brigade should be on your radar. This 4-player co-op game is set in the 1960s and follows a group of players as they venture into Egypt to discover and hopefully put an end to an army of undead. The best part about the game seems to be the gunplay as you and your friends team up to take down hordes of enemies while trying to get to the end and collect some loot along the way.

The game has a deep loadout system that will let you modify your weapons, change your gear and equip different amulets that grant you special powers such as a chain lightning attack and a quick draw pistol shot that headshots multiple enemies around you. While you fight these enemies you will also try your luck at gathering loot that comes in the form of gold that you can spend on new gear and you could even find rare weapons in boxes that could come in handy during the level. It is a risk versus reward system as every player might have the same idea – to wander off and search for loot – but that means enemies will overrun you and you will die. Strange Brigade is without a doubt looking like it will fill that co-op void we have in our lives.

Releasing: 28 August 2018

Hitman 2 – PS4, Xbox One, PC

After the success of the first episodic adventure, Hitman is back and with him a brand new list of targets to take down in the most creative way possible. We played Hitman 2 at E3 2018 and the demo saw us head to a racetrack to take down an underground mob leader. Being a racetrack we had multiple ways to do so. We could track down a sniper and kill her from a distance as her car comes around the corner or we could locate a bomb and sabotage her car disguised as a pit crew member.

This was just a crumb compared to the cake of opportunity that comes with each mission in Hitman 2. There are so many ways to go about each mission and it all looks very interesting.

Releasing: 13 November 2018

Kingdom Hearts III – PS4, Xbox One

If you have ever played a Kingdom Hearts game before you would know that its a mixture of Disney and Final Fantasy and each game has had a fair share of unique characters and familiar ones across the series. Kingdom Hearts III is finally releasing on 29 January 2019 and we played the demo at E3 2018 that left us wanting more.

The demo saw us venture into Andy’s room, an iconic location from the Toy Story series. It was here where we fought the Heartless using the new fluid combat approach, pulled off some fancy finishing moves and met the cast of Toy Story looking as awesome as they do in the film series. It was a small demo but it restored our faith that Kingdom Hearts III will be the much-needed return we have been in dire need of.

Releasing: 29 January 2018

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey – PS4, Xbox One, PC

After the huge success of Assassin’s Creed: Origins comes Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and we played it and loved it. Set in Greece in 431 BCE, 100 years after the events of Origins, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey sees you take on the role of Alexios or Kassandra. The game’s new RPG system such as dialogue options and a deep gear system will make all RPG fans happy but most of all it is the new combat and skill system that left us impressed.

Instead of the typical hack and slash you now get various skills that you can equip into different slots and pull off while in combat. Not only do these feel satisfying but they also allow for freedom to craft your character the way you want to. Some of these skills include a blinding light that emits from your blade to stun enemies, a powerful Spartan kick that sends enemies flying off a cliff and even a healing buff that refills your health. Everything you do in the game is a step towards an Assassin you want to build which is a big step in the RPG direction for the series.

Releasing: 5 October 2018

Which games from E3 2018 did you love the most? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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