It’s been a few years since the reboot of the popular dinosaur franchise with the 2015 release of Jurassic World. The reboot wasn’t terrible and many old and new fans were anxious to see how Fallen Kingdom will evolve the story further.

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Here’s what we thought about Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Director J. A. Bayona
Cast Bryce Dallas Howards, Chris Pratt, Jeff Goldblum, and Justice Smith.
Genre Sci-Fi Adventure
Running Time 2 Hours 10 Mins.

Things are a lot darker in Fallen Kingdom, with the events taking place several years after the first movie where the park on Isla Nublar was so desperate to stay relevant that it genetically modified dinosaurs to sell more tickets. Now the park is completely defunk and the island is abandoned except for the dinosaurs created and left behind. These very creatures are now at risk of a second extiction, with the vulcano on Isla Nublar being dangerously close to eruption, putting the lives of the remaining dinosaurs on the island at serious risk. Some people, like Claire (reprised by Bryce Dallas Howard) wish to save the dinosaurs and others like Jeff Goldblum’s character believe that the dinosaurs should not be saved from the island and should be allowed to die and correct humanity’s mistake of bringing them back to life.

The story feels a lot more original in Fallen Kingdom compared to Jurassic World. Although Jurassic World did offer some exciting new elements to the Jurassic franchise, Fallen Kingdom’s story took it a step further. We really loved how the dinosaurs are shown to have feelings and rights like any other being on this Earth and serves as a metaphor for the world’s greed, especially in terms of entertainment where animals and humans are often objectified and used to “sell more tickets”. These “commodities in entertainment” are then usually cruelly disposed of when there is no longer a need for them. Fallen Kingdom tells this sad story very well and you’re sure to feel your heartstrings being pulled at a few times during the movie. There are also complex human stories in Fallen Kingdom that will have audiences of different tastes entertained.

The thrill factor in Fallen Kingdom is even higher than it was in Jurassic World. The dinosaur chase scenes were as invigoratingly frightening as always. But there were a lot more creatively scary moments that were delightfully unexpected and left us feeling very entertained.

The cast, consisting of Chris Pratt reprising his role of Owen and Bryce Dallas Howard are as great and convincing in Fallen Kingdom as they were in Jurassic World. We were delighted by the new supporting cast consisting of Justice Smith as the hilariously quirky and lovable Franklin Webb as well as Daniella Pineda as Doctor Ken Wheatley. They were both very entertaining and gave stellar performances.

Verdict of Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a wonderfully entertaining movie. It’s a sequel that succeeded in advancing the story in a unique and creative way and to set the stage for a third installment in this rebooted Jurassic franchise. The thrill and adventure are balanced beautifully with an important storyline with more layers than just another dinosaur movie. New and die-hard fans are sure to love Fallen Kingdom; we certainly did.

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Review
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