Luke Cage is one of Netflix’s best original shows. It has become more popular than Iron Fist and Jessica Jones, but why? If you have not watched Luke Cage yet then here are a few reasons why you should.


Set In The Marvel Universe

Like all Marvel series on Netflix, Luke is set in the Marvel Universe which means if you pay attention to the hidden messages in the show you will notice and hear things about the entire Marvel series. Some Easter Eggs include references to the Avengers movies and even Black Panther so if you are great at spotting these hidden lines and images then you will have a field day in Luke Cage.

The Defenders Series

Just like the Avengers series, Luke Cage is a small part of an even bigger picture called The Defenders series. It is based around all the other Marvel shows on Netflix including Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. You should watch all the four shows before watching The Defenders as it will be an awesome binge experience and see multiple timelines and characters merge together in an explosive collaboration.

It Is Great To Binge

As mentioned before, Luke Cage is just one part of the story and if you have not had enough of him by the end of the first season then you can watch The Defenders and then watch the second season of Luke Cage which is out today. That is 34 episodes of Luke Cage to curb your web series appetite and your Marvel desires.

Great Character Development And Symbolic Messages

Many TV shows lack character development as it saves the producers from having to change something that works. Luke is known for the different ways it handles its characters and each of them grows throughout the series to create a more interesting take on the show. In today’s time with racist shootings and American police versus black community, Luke Cage defies the norm to show black people fighting back against society’s boundaries. It also highlights black history and historical events surrounding black oppression and police brutality.

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